Lenor Unstoppables

Little beads of fragrance you add to your wash

How a book club can be less work than you think

Joining a book club can open up a whole new social and intellectual world for you. But when it comes to hosting time, you need to make it easy on yourself.

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Unstoppables Scented Candles

Gorgeous room-freshening candles in two tempting fragrances

Six new Christmas traditions: do it your way

Whether it’s your first Christmas with grandkids or it’s just the two of you this year, it’s never too late to start a new Christmas tradition. Here are some ideas.

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Unstoppables Scented Wax Melts

Choose from two tempting fragrances for a fabulously fresh home

The longest-lasting scent your home's ever known

Whether you’re missing the fresh scents of summer or need a sophisticated cover-up for those cooking aromas, new Unstoppables will revolutionise your home fragrance.

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4 ways to make your home smell like a dream

You can achieve your dream home – all it takes is the right fragrance.

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