How to tackle fish smells after cooking

How to tackle fish smells after cooking

Who doesn’t love a delicious piece of salmon, tuna or lemon sole for dinner? When cooked well, fish is one of our finest

Having an Ambi Pur Plug In in your kitchen will help reduce any unwanted smells. Position it out of direct reach of food – its powerful odour elimination technology will release wonderful fresh smells eliminating unwanted smells.

If you’ve cooked a fish-based meal and have found you can smell it around the house it may be that your soft furnishings have picked up some of that lingering scent. Just grab Febreze Fabric Refresher and spray them until damp and your house will be smelling divine in no time. To give the whole room a freshness boost, opt for Febreze Air Effects aerosol. A spray of this will tackle those smells in mere moments.

Top tips on preventing fish smells

There are some common sense things you can do while cooking fish to minimise those fishy odours and avoid your guests politely covering their noses.

Firstly, before cooking, go around the house and close any bedroom, living room and closet doors – this will help confine the greasy fish smell to the kitchen. Then be sure to ventilate while you cook – use the extractor fan above your oven and, if you can, throw a window or back door open.

The next stage is vital, and you’ll be glad you did it the next day (if you’ve ever woken up to a pan of stinking fish you’ll know what we mean) – clean up immediately, preferably during the cooking process. Bag up any fish waste and, if you can, take the bag outside straight away.

So enjoy the smell of the fish once it’s on the plate in front of you, as that’s the only place you’ll be smelling it.

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