Spring time and the cleaning is easy

Spring time and the cleaning is easy

Here is some handy advice to help save you time while spring cleaning each room of your home. Leave no stone unturned; clean truly, madly, deeply. Your home will love you for it.

Fix the fridge

Let’s start in the kitchen. Fridges. They’re such hoarders! Who even remembers putting that year-old hummus in the far back in the top right corner? Must have been the fridge. But we’re here to help. Grab a bin bag and dump all lingering leftovers and mouldy meals. Then, empty the fridge entirely and give every tray and compartment a good wipe down with your Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner. Just apply one squirt to a sponge and wipe. Once that’s done, rinse it afterward with a wet cloth.

Pop everything that’s good enough to eat, back in the fridge and arrange it in an orderly fashion. When you know where everything is, chances are it won’t be forgotten! Shut the door and wipe it down, with extra care on the handle. Now your fridge will look as delicious as the food inside!

Start with the bed

Next let’s move on to the bedroom. Don’t just clean your sheets, clean it all! Put your mattress pad, pillow covers, allergy protectors and even your pillows, in the washing machine. Some pillow types, other than foam, should be able to go in the washing machine, but check the label for instructions to be sure. You probably wouldn’t live life by only washing your clothes and never washing your body, so why should your pillows have to? This spring clean, go deep.

Toss toiletries!

Let’s cross the landing and look at the bathroom. You might find yourself asking why that bottle of toner has been half empty for a year. It’s entered the realms of neglected toiletries. Throw away any products that you haven’t used for a while. The efficacy of products diminishes over time and chances are, it’s probably passed its expiry date. While you’re throwing things away, check your toothbrush. Has it been over three months? Are the bristles frayed? If so, toss it! Spring cleaning is a ruthless business.

Shake, shake, shake!

How about a tip for the whole house? Gather every rug and mat you’ve got. It’s time to whip those floor protectors into shape! You’ve probably got a bit of frustration to vent after this spring clean. To release your stress, take your rugs and mats outside and give them a good shake. Maybe even beat them with a broom to make sure the dust is banished for good!

Next, let’s tackle any smells that may have built up in them - give them a quick spray of Febreze Fabric Refresher until they are damp. Once you’re done, hang them up on the clothesline and let them feel the wind their hair for a few hours. Click here for tips on giving your carpets a new lease of life, too.

If you use rugs to cover wooden floors then why not check out our tips for keeping those floors clean, gleaming and smelling great?

Finally, bring spring home

Buy yourself a few pretty potted plants! But make sure you’ve got pretty pots to match them! You must have some lying in the storage… Once you’ve found them a new pot to call home, put one in every room.

To complement your new flowers why not fill your home with continuous fresh scents? Use Febreze Set and Refresh in your bathroom and hallways to keep your house smelling fresh through eliminating odours, helping you to breathe happy!

Now, you’ve officially said ‘goodbye’ winter and ‘hello!’ to spring!

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