10 Signs You're Treating Your Pet Like a Child

10 Signs You're Treating Your Pet Like a Child

Are you replacing pet care with child care? Check out this list to find out if you’re being a parent to your pet, rather than just a loving owner!

The kids have moved out or are always out, so where does all that mum-energy get focused? Recognise yourself on this list, and chances are there’s a new “baby” in your home… Pet care has replaced childcare

1. You call yourself “mum” when you talk to your pet
There’s no bigger sign that this is your new child. Double that if you talk to Tiddles in baby tones!

2. Your Facebook word cloud has “Fido” front and centre
It says a lot about you when your most-used word in Facebook posts is not your husband’s name, but the new centre of your universe…

3. You put their photo on your personalized Christmas cards
There was a time when a photo of your kids dressed as elves and angels was an absolute must. But when it comes to sending your e-cards these days it’s Sheba in a Santa hat or Rex in reindeer antlers that represents the family.

4. You give them a “human” name
Back in the day, dogs were called Butch and cats were called Duchess. But recent research shows that the list of most popular pet names overlaps heavily with the list of most popular babies names. So are your furry friends called Amelia or Jacob? Warning!

5. You add their photo to their pet passport
The vet gives you a passport with all the essential details (because clearly your pampered pooch has to come on holiday with you!) But that’s not enough – you decide to personalise it with your favourite photo, fresh from the dog-grooming salon. Say “sausages”!

6. You think everything they do is cute
When it came to your babies, you could blame sleep deprivation for your obsession with their every action. But what’s the excuse for a chewed-up shoe provoking a chorus of giggles and a spate of photos on your Facebook?

7. You watch them sleep
Not only that, you take photos of them asleep! Peacefully asleep on their Febreze-sprayed favourite blanket, so you know there are no stale odours, only fresh scents for them and you.

8. You gen up on pet behaviour
You took parenting seriously and devoured tips for raising your kids well. But now your bookshelves are filled with pet psychology tomes and you scour the web for ideas on raising happy, healthy cats instead.

9. You fret about their wellbeing
You’re on first name terms with your vet. And you wouldn’t be without your Swiffer mop for keeping your home clean for Tiddles, as Swiffer attracts three times more dust and dirt.

10. You give them their own Twitter/Instagram account
Because clearly everything they do deserves to be shared with everyone.

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