Six Arguments All Couples Have, All The Time

Six Arguments All Couples Have, All The Time

There are six seemingly common arguments that even healthy families and couples go through. Read our advice on managing a healthy relationship dynamic.

“Would it kill you to put the loo seat down?” Same spat, different day. All couples argue and that’s healthy, but why do we keep having the exact same fight? Warning: these may sound familiar…

1. Who does the chores

Pick up your socks. Learn how the iron works. Maybe push the vacuum around once in a while. It’s not rocket science, so why is housework a hotspot? If you’re having the same rows every week – “The dishwasher’s full. Why haven’t you emptied it? You had ONE job” – it may be time to throw in the (dirty) towel and employ a cleaner. But no rowing about who’s paying!

2. Money, money, money

“You spent HOW much on a handbag?” Life would be so much easier if we could have a little splurge without sparking a war. Money rows go round and round: you both know you should be sensible, and you both know that’s not always possible. Agree to do your best and move on. And that handbag is NOT going back.

3. Who’s in charge of the remote control

You want to watch the news. He wants the match. You want Bake-Off. He wants Game of Thrones. Before you know it, he’s sulking, the remote control is mysteriously AWOL and your blood pressure’s hit danger level. Solution? Invest in new kit: a second TV and tablets for streaming. Sorted.

4. Where to spend Christmas

Also known as “Do we really have to have your mother to stay again this year?” Endless arguments over where to go and who to see can make you want to cancel Christmas. There’s a reason why divorce rates rise in January. Our tip? Invite everyone and let them get on with it. And bulk-buy Champagne. You’re going to need it.

5. How to behave on holiday

That dream trip away opens up whole new bickering possibilities. Why insist we get to the airport six hours early? Who thought a rental car with no sat-nav would be ‘fun’? And please stop staring at women on the beach. Any couple that doesn’t spend at least 50% of their holiday squabbling isn’t trying hard enough.

6. Constantly checking the mobile

Fact: checking Facebook in bed is not sexy. Scrolling through emails while you wait for dessert doesn’t make for a romantic dinner. And no one wants to see your selfie from Pete’s birthday. Whatever happened to eye contact and conversation? This is just like all those times you caught him out not listening while you were talking. Only now he has Twitter, too.

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