Date night ideas to rekindle your romance

Date night ideas to rekindle your romance

A little bit of regular, quality time together makes all the difference to staying close to your partner. It’s time to bond and reignite your love (and lust)…

A little bit of regular, quality time together makes all the difference to staying close to your partner. Here’s how to reignite your love…

Keeping the romance alive in a long-term relationship doesn’t have to involve long-stemmed roses or expensive holidays.

A recent survey found that simple things like spending at least one night a week away from computers or tablets and just chatting instead, or surprising your other half with the occasional romantic gesture, are all it takes to rekindle your connection.

With this in mind, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, here are a few date-night ideas for you to try.

Date night at home

Sharing a nice meal or a favourite film cuddled up on the sofa can feel as special as a night out at a swanky restaurant or the theatre – just agree that you are on a date and act like it, rather than falling into the habits of your average meal at home.

Create an ambience by lighting candles, putting on a romantic playlist and filling the air with a nice scent. Vanilla, rose and sandalwood all instantly create a sensual vibe.

Take a mini road trip

Once a month, choose an interesting destination that’s an easy driving distance (or train ride) from your home and head there. It could be a new restaurant, an interesting shop, or a museum or gallery. Discovering new things together and committing to do so regularly will feel special and exciting – treat it as a date and make the drive fun by playing your favourite music or silly car games.

Make a date to laugh together

How long has it been since you had a proper belly laugh? Research has found that couples who laugh together have a stronger bond, and are better able to overcome the stresses and conflicts in their relationship.

Make your date night a session of silly competitive fun: Jenga, table tennis, Xbox, Wii Sport, Twister – fill the evening with games and keep a running total of wins and losses. Or go to a comedy night together and you’ll soon find a renewed connection.

Go dancing

A blissful way to bond is by going dancing together. Bodies pressed together, evocative music, the dazzle of the lights – what more could you want? Jive, northern soul, samba, ballroom – there’s no end of dance classes available if you’re out of practice.

Arrange a romantic date

There are few things sexier than cuddling up in front of a real fire with the one you love. Can’t light a fire at home? Spend a night in a country hotel – they’re often stuffed with log fires. Or build a bonfire or light a fire pit in your back garden. You might need a few blankets to keep the chill off your backs, but gazing into flickering flames together is hard to beat for romance.

Play strangers in town

Get dressed up and head out for a date in your local town, exploring all the places you’ve never got round to visiting. The off-the-beaten-track pub, the landmarks, the fancy bistro, the churchyard, the little picture house or theatre… Experiencing a different side of your neck of the woods will let you see it – and each other – through fresh eyes. And don’t forget to take lots of selfies.

Take a trip down memory lane

Sometimes just sharing something personally meaningful is far more romantic than grand gestures. A sunset over your back garden, a visit to an old haunt, even a trip to an old favourite coffee shop can feel like the most bonding experience you’ve ever had.

Have a good old smooch session

Remember the days when you would kiss for hours? Perhaps as a prolonged goodbye, or in the back row of the cinema. Somewhere along the line those long kisses likely turned into swift pecks, but we say bring the smooches back!

If you wear dentures and you’re worried about slippage, simply secure them with Fixodent Adhesive, and you’ll have the confidence to kiss like a teenager again.

What’s your favourite way to spend date night? Let us know in the comments section below.

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