Does money make you happy in life?

Does money make you happy in life?

Does Money Buy Happiness? Our Guide Reveals How to be Happy

The question of "does money make you happy" is generations old but our insight shows that you don't need to splash the cash for happiness, check out our guide for tips on how to live happily.

Make New Friends
Nobody knows why good friends make us feel good. But they do. Now, when your nest is empty, you need friends more than ever. If you don’t have such a person in your neighborhood, why not to make new friends? Finding time for other people is actually easier now than when you were tied to jobs and home duties, isn’t it? If you feel alone, it’s good to actively seek a friendship. A really good contact may start with just a smile, or a ‘good morning’, or a simple cup of coffee. Don’t be shy and invite someone. Don’t assume that you are late and this person has friends already. Friends can be everywhere. Take a class, join a gym or a cooking club. Or any social group. If you have a dog, start conversation to another dog owner. Sometimes friends do not look like you expect. They can be older or younger than you, rich or poor, taller or smaller, so do not exclude anyone. Once you meet somebody, do care for your relation and let it develop in a natural way. Try to be the kind of a friend that you would like to have. Be frank, trusty, and full of empathy. Help if someone needs it. Forgive but only if your friend is going to right a wrong. Friendship should be a source of joy for both of you.

Take your time with grandchildren
Serving a good piece of cake and a cup of warm chocolate will make this time unforgettable. Unless you don’t remember that some of your grandchildren suffers from allergy. Are they teenagers or little school-kids, you can always have a fun being together. Actually, you don’t need to do anything special to make them feel home because this is exactly what they feel and love about being with you. Share some of your timeless tips on how to look great. If it doesn’t resonate with them, don’t be afraid. You can still keep it for yourself. Find your clothes from the times you were in the same age and reveal the stories attached to them. If this idea doesn’t work at all, reveal some of your family’s secrets. Then you got them. For the next visit be prepared for a list of digging questions. Now, enjoy a while! If you want to impress your own children, teach your grandchildren how to wash. Don’t forget to make a pillow fight when you pull the sheets off. If your grandchildren are very young, you can always teach them how to read washing labels and create your own washing symbols. It can remind not to wash with other colors, or explain that this cloth that needs your special care. Make fun and create something non-standard.

Worth remembering
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