4 easy DIY memory books worthy of those precious moments

4 easy DIY memory books worthy of those precious moments

4 easy DIY memory books worthy of those precious moments

There’s nothing as heartwarming as looking back at photographs of special people and places from over the years. But often they can end up a bit disorganised, meaning we don’t make the most of them. These ideas will help you create the perfect keepsakes to pull out again and again.

An ‘alternative’ wedding album

Your wedding photos deserve special treatment. Chances are you already have a treasured album from both your own and your children’s weddings, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few ‘spares’ from those days mixed up with the snaps of family holidays, milestone events and grandchildren!

Instead of recreating the original album – which will always have a special place in your heart – put together a funny and uplifting ‘alternative’ album of either your wedding or your children’s, featuring some of the outtakes that didn’t make it first time around.

We’re talking the ones where the bridesmaids were caught stealing a piece of cake, or the groom couldn’t keep a straight face! Keep it lighthearted, flattering and fun – and limit the number of photos you include. This way, you can make it a talking point when guests come over without testing their patience…

How to do it:

  1. Decide on the kind of album you want to display your photos in – it doesn’t need to be expensive or a ‘classic’ wedding album. Choose a fabric or vintage design to give it that home-made, well-loved feel.

  2. Decide on the photos you want to include, and the order in which you want to include them (following the chronology of the day usually works best). You might want to use some as standalone pictures or group a few on a page to tell a ‘story’ – your album, your rules!

  3. Once you’ve decided what photos go on what page, think about how to display them. You might want to create a crafty ‘frame’ from ribbon or fabric (or get arty and the use the grandkids’ glitter glue). Or maybe you’d prefer to carefully cut to size the photos you’ll group on one page, using scissors that give you a decorative edge (available from craft stores). Use coloured photo corners, stencils, stamps, or adhesive shiny stars, butterflies or hearts to add colour and create texture. And don’t forget about the cover – you can get really creative here.

Memories of childhood

Creating a memory book of old photos of each of your children is a great way to strengthen the parent and adult child relationship – and even makes a great gift for them. They’ll love sharing the pictures and memories with their own children, too.

How to do it

  1. Choose a memory book appropriate for each child – perhaps your vintage-loving youngest will love a shabby-chic effect scrapbook, while your ultra-modern eldest will appreciate a clean, leather-bound style.

  2. Decide on the order in which you’d like to present the photographs. Remember, you’re telling a story!

  3. Add little creative extras that reflect the era when the photo was taken. You could print out a ‘thumbnail’ shot of their favourite record cover of the time, for instance, or dig out the Christmas card they made you when they first went to school. Add a swatch of fabric from one of their childhood pillows or blankets (freshly washed to bring back all those lovely memories of mum’s house) or the postcard they brought home from their ‘Best. Holiday. Ever!’

Celebrate the grandkids

Here’s a really fun grandparents’ tip that’s especially good for those whose children don’t live close by: for a little flash of your grandchildren’s cheekiness, creating a digital photo album means you can see their sweet little faces all day, every day as your photos rotate in turn.

How to do it:

  1. Take your time choosing a frame. Remember the old adage that you get what you pay for? Generally, your photos will look sharper and the colours will be more realistic if you invest in a more expensive digital photo frame. After all, what price can you place on memories?

  2. Most modern digital photo frames have built-in Wi-Fi, meaning they connect with your home network so you can transfer your pictures directly from your smartphone or computer. Snap and send – you can even ping photos home while you’re out and about with your grandkids, meaning they’ll be on full display by the time you get back! Genius.

Friends-and-family slideshows

The era of the digital photobook means you can group together all your photos from the past year, pick the best and create digital slideshows you can access (and share) at the touch of a button. What a lovely New Year’s project!

How to do it:

  1. Lots of traditional photo-print companies now offer digital services online. It pays to do your research – they all offer something slightly different, so exploring your options is time well spent to ensure you get exactly what you want.

  2. Choose the slideshow design you want, then select the photographs you want to upload.

  3. Simply drag and drop the pictures you want in your preferred order, or use the website’s automatic placing function. You can add your own words or music for extra personalisation. When you’re happy with the finished product, you can email it to your loved ones, or share via social media. Unique, heartfelt and so much fun. Enjoy!

What other ways do you preserve your favourite memories? Let us know in the comments below and visit Lenor to learn more about how their products trigger warm and comforting memories.

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