Gift Ideas For Him That He’ll Love

Gift Ideas For Him That He’ll Love

Stuck on what to buy for your man? It won’t be as hard after looking at these ideas- surprise him with the perfect present on Christmas morning!

What do you buy for the man who appears to have everything he needs or wants? It’s not as hard as you think. Surprise him with the perfect present on Christmas morning

The record lover

Track down a vinyl copy of the song that was number one on his 18th birthday. It’s bound to bring back special memories. And might even get him singing!

The romantic

Whether it’s a B&B in the coastal town you first holidayed in all those years ago, or somewhere unusual like a folly with rooms, it would be a treat for you both. And so he looks his best for a romantic dinner, treat him to a Braun shaver for a smooth and closer shave.

The telly addict

He can’t have watched all the most popular box sets, so treat him to The Bridge, House of Cards or go retro with The West Wing. It’ll give him something to get his teeth into while you’re at Zumba.

The happy cook

Book a curry-making class for him – once he’s an expert on how to make a Goan fish curry and coconut rice, he can whip up a storm in the kitchen while you keep the cold beers coming.

The gardening fiend

How long has he had those gardening gloves? Treat him to a super-duper new pair – look for a pair with a supportive wristband, breathable fabric and relief pads to reduce friction and prevent blisters.

The news hound

Did you know you can order newspapers from specific dates in the past? Search online and order him one from the year he was born, for a geeky piece of history to have on the coffee table.

The footie fan

No matter which football team he supports, chances are, he’d love a VIP day at the stadium. Taking his seat in the changing room, walking down the tunnel, sitting in the dugout… all while he imagines the roar of the fans. Gooaal!

The gadget king

A USB flashdrive on a keyring would be the perfect present for the man in your life – the ultimate way to ensure he’s never without any important documents or photos. Some of them even hold up to 64GB of data.

The golf addict

Golfers will love something special to use when playing a round. How about a personalised leather golf score card holder? Or have his golf clubs engraved with his initials.

Finally, for the two of you…

You know that restaurant that serves amazing food that you’ve been meaning to visit for years? Book a table and surprise him! Even better, book a taxi there and back so neither of you have to drive!

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Invictus1 19/11/2017

I know it's not about him but great idea to keep a usb flashdrive on your keyring Thanks.

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