Rekindle Your Love and Put Romance Back Into Your Marriage

Rekindle Your Love and Put Romance Back Into Your Marriage

It is easy to get off track when it comes to romance and marriage. Discover our relationship advice in tackling marriage problems and keeping things fresh.

The over-familiarity of long-term love can wear away the romance. Here’s how to rekindle a relationship

Rediscover that spark
When you first fell in love what drew you together? Dancing, live music, travelling, or sport maybe? Your shared passions can get forgotten in the stress of family life. But rediscovering them together can reignite that original spark, because you see what you saw in each other first time around.

Clear the air
Underlying resentments will only come between you and kill the passion if they aren’t addressed, so talk them out calmly. Is there something you can do to meet your partner halfway? Can they do the same? Feeling heard will open up the lines of communication and make you feel way more connected.

Show you care
Feeling close is about knowing you’ve got each other’s back. And that means listening and showing you care. If your partner’s going through a tough time, listen to their woes without judging – and, equally, ask for their support when you need it. We can get caught up in our own little worlds of grief, but it’s far better to help each other out when the going gets tough. The little gestures – the much-needed cuppa, the help with a problem – mean way more than wild romantic gestures.

Look your best
Living together usually means seeing each other at our worst from time to time. But don’t overdo it. The laid-back look can wear a little thin and make your partner feel taken for granted – and vice versa. Make an effort to stay in shape and wear nice clothes, so you always look and feel good. Make a note of the clothes he loves on you and wear them frequently. And encourage him to do the same. And pay attention to personal grooming, for instance, if you wear dentures use Fixodent, so you can eat and smile with confidence.

Share your hopes and dreams
Feeling connected and close is all about having shared plans, then you have a sense of mutual endeavour. Spend time discussing the future and giving yourselves markers to work towards, from plans for your house to trips you long to make, or even moving to another country. And share your plans for your relationship, too – even simple things like having a date night once a month.

The tender touch
From back rubs to handholding, or curling up together on the sofa, touching brings a sense of closeness that may be lacking. And touch can often communicate emotions when words are a struggle and help rekindle romance. Men don’t always like ostentatious shows of affection, but a heart-felt hug or some gentle face stroking in the privacy of your own home can work wonders.

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