Make Crafty Christmas Gifts With Your Grandkids

Make Crafty Christmas Gifts With Your Grandkids

Check out Victoria’s DIY crafty gift ideas
to enjoy making with your grandchildren this Christmas season.

Homemade presents are always special. Have a productive ‘crafternoon’ with the grandchildren - keeping them busy and crossing some presents off your – and their - list

Framed ink blot prints
Fold art paper in half, drizzle or dab paint onto one side, then fold the other side on top and press down. Once dry, mount onto coordinating coloured card and frame it.

Handprint apron
Buy a plain fabric apron or wash an old one in Ariel (its superior stain removal will ensure the apron looks like new). Put fabric paint onto a large plate and get the children to put one hand into the paint before making a handprint on the apron. Older kids can write their name next to their hand using a fabric pen.

Button napkin rings
Finally a use for all those random buttons you get when you buy a new blouse or trousers! Simply thread a dozen or so buttons onto elastic and knot together.

Personalised crockery
Look out that plain white dinner set you’ve never used and get rid of any grease fast by washing first in Fairy Platinum. When dry, the children can get creative with ceramic paints, coming up with their own designs. Bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 145°C and hey presto, a personalised plate for Mum or Dad!

Paper mache bowls
Cover some old picnic bowls with clingfilm, then dip strips of newspaper into a flour and water paste mix, before layering onto the bowl. Leave to dry for a couple of days, pop the picnic bowl out and then decorate your paper mache with acrylic paints. Perfect as a fruit bowl or for keys and phones!

Lolly stick coasters
Colour in 10 lolly sticks (one side only) with permanent pens. Take 10 more lolly sticks and lay them out side by side before covering them with glue. Lay the coloured sticks, sideways, on top of the plain sticks. Create a seal by mixing glue and water, then brush on a few coats.

Tinted Mason jars
Mix some white glue with food colouring, then paint the outside of a Mason or Kilner jar. Turn it upside down on newspaper and allow it to drip for an hour or so, before popping into the oven at 45°C. When they’re ready, they’ll come out with a gorgeous transparent tint and no one will believe you didn’t buy them in a gift shop.

Sugar scrub
A great Christmas gift for a stressed hostess. Mix 450g of sugar with 260ml of almond oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. Pack it all into a Mason or Kilner jar and decorate with a ribbon and stickers. The perfect pick-me-up present! Click here to see how it’s done. [VIDEO LINK]

And finally…
Get rid of all the evidence of your homemade Christmas gift afternoon by using Mr Clean, with double the cleaning power, to return all messy surfaces to normal.

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