Mother's Day Girly Day Out

Mother's Day Girly Day Out

Lovely though Mothering Sunday is, it doesn’t have to be the only time that the girls of the family get together.

Families are complex things, with almost endless iterations of mums,stepmums, mothers-in-law and daughters. But much of that complication can be overcome with the goodwill created by a few carefully planned treats – that include all the girls in the family, whether they’re eight or 80. Here are five great ideas for multi-generational moments that will provide good memories for ever.

Tea for two (or three, or more)

See if one of your local hotels or restaurants offers a lovely afternoon tea that everyone will enjoy. A couple of hours chatting over finger sandwiches, cakes and Earl Grey will make any Mother’s Day feel special – and even the little ones will like feeling grown-up with their cusp and saucers.

A day in a museum

If you have a local gallery or museum, spend a couple of hours wandering the exhibits that really interest you. For grandkids, the treat might be discovering that in the old days we didn’t all use smartphones and tablets, while for you it could be finding a new work of art that inspires you to go to a class with your daughter.

Spa and swim

A treat for everyone, an afternoon at a local health club or spa could be the best way to truly relax – and even little kids will enjoy the pool. Inviting several generations means there’ll be someone to watch the babies while you take it in turns to experience a wonderful massage.

Bake together, stay together

There’s nothing little children like more than getting flour everywhere and licking cake mixture off the spoon! But this is where your life experience comes into its own: you’ve probably baked more cakes than they’ve had hot dinners, so use your expertise to show everyone just how easy and enjoyable baking from scratch really is. And if you plan ahead you can get really creative with the decorations – why not try some popping candy?

Delegate the dinner

It’s not Mother’s Day if you have to do all the cooking. Flatter the men of the family into trying out their ‘signature dishes’ (every man has one, usually spaghetti bolognaise!), and if all else fails, throw caution to the winds with a cheeky takeaway.


Whether you’re out all day or you’re caught mid-baking, you don’t want leakage to ruin your time spent with the girls of the family. Make sure you’ve got a good stock of Always discreet so nothing interrupts the fun.

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