Pet Care: Non-Food Alternatives for Treats

Pet Care: Non-Food Alternatives for Treats

Discover these non-food alternatives to showing your dog some love without the treats!

You love your dog and would like to spoil him as much as possible – and not just when he's done something good. But constantly spoiling him with treats will have disastrous effects on his weight. We would like to introduce you to some food-free treats that your four-legged friend will never get enough of.

Do something unexpected

Naturally you always take a similar route when you go on walks. But a different route, even if it's only one more street, can awaken your dog's curiosity. A new route means that he can sniff at different trees and meet new dogs that he has never met before. And, hey, is that a new stick?

Take care of his coat

Brushing his coat is not just about removing hair, it can also be a reward. Use a brush with hard bristles to remove twigs, mud and grasses from his coat once he has been on a walk. Then swap to a brush with soft bristles and spoil him for ten minutes with soft brush strokes.

Play turbo fetch

Two balls are better than one. As soon as your dog comes back with the ball, throw the second one for him. Pick up the first ball. As soon as he returns and drops the ball throw the other one. This intensive, additional training is great fun for dogs.

Give him a toy as a surprise

Leave one or two of his toys lying around on the floor. Pack the rest away in a box and only give them to him as a reward or on special occasions. If your dog has a favourite toy, make him complete a task before you give it to him. Always take it away when you think he's had enough.

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