The unexpected benefits of a growing family

The unexpected benefits of a growing family

As your family expands to welcome new spouses and grandchildren, your health and wellbeing receives a boost. Here are just some of the reasons why.

As your family expands to welcome new spouses and grandchildren, your health and wellbeing receives a boost. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Whether it’s building a different relationship with your grown-up son or daughter, welcoming in a new set of in-laws, or getting to know your grandchildren, the physical and mental benefits of an extended family are numerous.

Here are just four reasons you should embrace your evolving family with open arms…

You make stronger connections

As your family grows, so might your to-do list – as a grandparent, you may be called upon for childcare or advice to get your son or daughter through those very early days of parenthood. It’s something that strengthens the parent-and-child relationship like nothing else, helping you connect on a completely new level that’s probably more profound than anything that’s gone before.

Many women find this deeply reassuring in a world where both they and their children lead ever-busier lives.

Your physical health improves

Indeed, it’s not just your mind that benefits. The demands of looking after a young child – whether you’re pushing them in a buggy or helping them kick a ball – will increase your fitness levels better than any gym ever could. You’re on the go constantly, and will no doubt find your fitness tracker is off the scale with regards to the steps you clock up on the days they’re in your care.

Being physically fit helps to lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, helps control your weight and improves your psychological wellbeing, too – combine these with the love you give to and receive from your grandchild and it’s a win-win all around!

You’ll find revived motivation

There’s something about hosting family regularly that gives you the nudge you need to make home improvements, too. It could be that you’re fixing up the spare room for when family comes to stay, or finally getting to grips with your wild and wonderful garden so that the children can play safely.

You’ll feel more inspired to think of interesting places to visit and fun activities for family outings, too. After all, life is all about keeping things fresh and interesting so you have lots of memorable moments to cherish.

Your house will benefit

With kids comes mess – the two are inextricable! – but at least with trusted cleaning products you can ensure both your home and they stay clean and fresh.

Use Ariel 3 in 1 pods on grubby clothes for superior stain removal, even in a cold wash – plus the pods now come in a unique family pack with a child safety lock to protect the little ones.

And no family home should be without a Flash Magic Eraser. It does what it says on the tin to ensure all the places little hands have been – such as walls, light switches and door handles – are sparkling clean and hygienic, which means less time cleaning and more time spent on the really important things in life – quality time with that growing family of yours.

How has your life improved now your family has grown? We would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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