Six pieces of advice for first-time grandparents

Six pieces of advice for first-time grandparents

Becoming a grandparent for the very first time can be magical, scary, fun… and at times overwhelming. Here’s how to make the transition with ease.

Becoming a grandparent for the very first time can be magical, scary, fun… and at times overwhelming. Here’s how to make the transition with ease.

While you’ve obviously done the childrearing before, it’s an entirely different experience when your son or daughter has little ones of their own.

Here are some top tips for grandparenting like a pro…

1. Gen up on modern methods

Be prepared to learn that much of the advice you followed when you had your own babies might have changed. For example, medical experts used to believe that it was dangerous to put a baby to sleep on their back – now, they recommend it.

It’s smart to read a modern babycare book or two as ‘homework’, while ultimately letting your son or daughter take the lead when it comes to the big decisions for their child.

2. Don’t forget the new parents

Whether you’re visiting them or they've come to stay, one of the best things you can do for new parents is to help them grab a bit of sleep whenever possible. You’ll likely remember just how tiring it is having a new baby in the house, and know that even napping for half an hour could make the difference between getting through the day with their sanity intact or not.

3. Be careful with presents

Giving gifts is one of the best bits about being a grandparent. However, be careful not to assume you know best when it comes to what to buy. Be safe and ask the parents what childcare kit or toys they’d find most useful, and get a gift receipt. Look in charity shops too – you can often pick up useful equipment or fun toys for a fraction of the price of new ones.

4. Be practical

Babies may be small but they make a lot of mess, so your laundry pile is about to get a lot bigger.

But you can get it sorted in seconds simply by throwing a Daz Go Pod in with your laundry load. Plus it’s a fitting choice as, with 65 years of experience, Daz is the grandparent of the detergent world – and it’s not just about brightening your whites anymore, it works on colours now too.

Also, babies don’t always smell of bubble bath and talcum powder! So keep a good air freshener to hand, such as Febreze Air Effects, which truly eliminates odours and leaves a light, fresh scent. And remember that, with double the cleaning power, Flash Multi-Purpose Spray Antibacterial Cleaner with Lemon kills 99% of germs and leaves surfaces citrusy clean.

5. Think about equipment

You don’t have to equip a whole nursery, but having bulky things like a travel cot, changing mat, highchair, and maybe even a basic buggy at your home, can be a godsend for new parents when they visit, as it means they won’t have to transport their own. It may also mean they pop round more often!

6. You’re about to fall in love…

Get ready to be blown away. You probably already knew that having grandchildren would be exciting, but you will be just as unprepared as the new parents for the intensity of your experience and the rush of emotion. Enjoy it!

What advice do you have for first-time grandparents? Please do share it in the comments section below.

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