How To Tie A Scarf In 5 Different Ways

How To Tie A Scarf In 5 Different Ways

Tying a scarf is simple, but the most important part is choosing how to style and wear it! Make your outfit pop with these 5 trendy ways to tie your scarf.

Breathe new life into your winter wardrobe with these simple styling tricks using favourite scarves you already own, or perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a new one…

Braid it
The braid (also referred to as the pretzel) isn’t as complicated as it sounds and is an original and super-snuggly way of sporting your scarf. Just layer it over the back of your neck and loop the fabric over so that the sections hanging down on either side are equal. Then twist the loop over and pull the scarf sections through again tightly.

Embrace a traditional slip knot
This is an effortless and classic way to sport your scarf and it guarantees absolute warmth around the neck. Plus, you can tuck the ends deep into your coat. Simply fold the scarf in half, place it behind your neck and bring both ends to the front. Then pull both loose ends through the loop.

Make a snood
If you like the look of one continuous piece of fabric, tie the ends of your scarf together in a half knot. Loop twice round your neck, then tuck the tied section up under the scarf to conceal it. This is ideal for layering over simple necklines.

Modern Ascot
Wrap a long scarf around your neck twice, take one end and pass over the other and bring up behind and through the loop. Fan out the other end of the scarf.

Twist and loop
Take a large chiffon scarf around your neck and wind the two ends together to make a large twist. Holding the large twist remove the scarf from your neck so you are holding the scarf with your hands at each end. Put the twisted scarf back around your neck and pass the ends through the opposite loop.

Basket weave
Fold a long scarf lengthways, then fold in half so you hold the ends in each hand. Place around your neck, then take one end through the opposite loop. Take the other end and pass it over the top of the loop and back through the loop but in the opposite direction. Fan the scarf so it sits flush to the neck.

Back drape
Fold a square scarf into a triangle, then drape around your neck with the body of the triangle at the back. Bring the ends forward and tie into a simple knot.

Single point
Fold a square scarf in half, point-to-point, to form a long triangle. Tie the ends loosely behind the neck so that the scarf drapes in front. Bring the ends back to the front and tie loosely under the ‘bib’ of the scarf. Then take the ends and tie together behind the neck.

See how it’s done
Click here to discover stylish ways to wear your scarf. [VIDEO LINK]

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