Is Your Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine Right For The Weather?

Is Your Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine Right For The Weather?

Is your anti-ageing routine helping you retain moisture & prevent wrinkles? Well, it depends on the weather! Protect your skin all year with our guide.

Now it’s autumn, your skincare routine needs several seasonal switch-ups to continue protecting it from the signs of ageing and for a guaranteed youthful glow

Maintain an anti-ageing routine
Don’t just save the sun protection factor for summer – UVA (the ageing rays) can penetrate through clouds all through winter, so your moisturiser or foundation must still contain protection all year round. Use Olay Total Effects daily, it’s a featherweight moisturiser that fights the seven signs of ageing in just one step.

Repair skin damaged by cold weather
Cleansing oils to get rid of make-up aren’t as drying as other versions, and won’t make your skin feel like it’s been stripped once you’ve used it. They do a great job of getting rid of make-up, too. A weekly mask – look for words like moisture and hydrating in the name – will put back moisture that’s been zapped by the chill.

Use face oils for a winter boost
Facial oils are one of skincare’s wonders and are a superb skin boost for winter. They’re more concentrated than serums so sink deeper into skin and target specific problems, too. Surprisingly, they don’t feel oily when you put them on, even with a moisturiser over the top.

Nourish your neck
Skin on our neck and décolletage is thinner than that on our face, so it’s more prone to damage, plus, its support structure is not as effective as other parts of our face. Moisturise this area daily with face cream or one specifically designed for necks. If you tend to miss the sides of your neck when putting on moisturiser because your hair’s in the way, scoop it up off your neck before applying.

Don’t neglect your eyes
Eyes can also suffer from seasonal changes in the weather. An eye cream that contains cucumber will help restore age-inducing dryness and soothe irritation.

Protect your pout
Skin is much thinner on the lips than the rest of our body but it needs constant protection, so lipsticks or balms with SPF are vital all year round. And if you’re a cold sore sufferer, the good news is that lip products with SPF could prevent breakouts.

Keep your skin glowing
Exfoliating once a week will get rid of the dead skin cells sitting on the surface that cause skin to look dull and tired.

Treat your hands like your face
Slather on a rich hand cream overnight to treat weather battered hands. In the same way night creams and oils boost the skin’s repair system, a good hand cream will do the same.

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