Anti Aging Tips: Facial Exercises, Naps & More!

Anti Aging Tips: Facial Exercises, Naps & More!

Check out our practical (and sedentary!) anti-aging tips to restore your face and body to a more better and refreshed version of you!

One more tiny wrinkle in the mirror is proof of a life lived to the full. But are we really powerless to do anything about them? No! With our practical anti-ageing tips we'll restore your face, body and soul to tip-top form.

Fountain of youth for the eyes

Green tea works wonders in eradicating fine lines around the eyes as it eliminates free radicals. Dip two cotton-wool pads in the tea and place them on your eyes for ten minutes. Then indulge your eyes with a rich eye cream such as Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum and see how those tiny wrinkles fade away a little.

Fitness for your face

We use a total of 70 muscles in our facial expressions. So why not try a facial workout? After only the first few exercises your face will look rosier and fresher. Repeat the following exercises eight times.

For a smooth forehead: Place the fingers of both hands across your forehead. Raise your eyebrows and lids against the resistance of your fingers. Hold for about ten seconds.

To remove a double chin: Place one fist under your chin and open your lower jaw against the resistance of your fist. Hold for about ten seconds. This also helps firm up slackened cheeks.

Cold shock for your décolleté

It takes a bit of courage to massage your décolleté with ice-blocks. But the results speaks for themselves: After a few circular movements with the ice-blocks your skin feels soft and revitalised. If you add a little lemon juice to the water before freezing, this has a particularly positive effect on your décolleté. The acid in the lemon has a gently exfoliating effect on the skin, making it appear fresh and vibrant.

Power-napping to recharge

The secret to a radiant complexion is getting enough sleep. After all, a lack of sleep also affects the radiance of your skin. A short siesta, or power nap, is the natural solution. Slip your eye mask on, pop in your ear plugs and sleep for 15 minutes – no longer! Otherwise you're likely to feel tired, not refreshed.

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