Dress for the Moment

Dress for the Moment

British fashion designer, Giles Deacon has collaborated with Bold & Lenor to capture the way scents play an important role in how scents make us feel.

The exclusive bottle designs have been created by Giles to capture the way scents play an important role in how scents make us feel.

We all have those favourite wardrobe pieces that take us back to a moment in time – the dress that made him propose, a scarf worn at your child’s graduation, the summer frock that reminds you of a wonderful taverna in Tuscany.

Clothes can be so much more than mere garments, and Bold & Lenor’s collaboration with designer Giles Deacon sets out to express just that.

“It’s something we all identify with,” says Giles. “A piece of clothing is more than an inanimate garment. From the way the fabric moves and feels next to our skin to the cut, colour and scent, each time you wear an item of clothing, you are adding to a collection of wonderful memories of great moments in time.”

Strength and beauty

Bold, Lenor and Giles are obsessed with clothes: the way they look and, perhaps more importantly, the way they smell.

With famous fans ranging from Cate Blanchett to Linda Evangelista, and a design history that has seen him work at everywhere from Gucci to Emanuel Ungaro, Giles is one of Britain’s most celebrated designers. His own label, GILES, known for richly printed and embellished fabrics, has seen him win awards including British Fashion Designer of the Year.

So if anyone understands the concept of dressing for the moment, it’s Giles – which is why, as P&G Global Fashion Consultant, he has collaborated with Bold & Lenor on beautiful new limited-edition bottles and a one-off capsule fashion collection, designed to reflect the strong, fearless approach of modern women.

“I see many women now embodying a more athletic, energetic, free-spirited attitude,” he explains. “Women today aren’t afraid to express their individual style and are looking for pieces that express their uniqueness and don’t restrict and conform their movements.”

Inspiration behind the designs

The limited edition collection of bottles brings together Bold & Lenor’s tradition of fine scent and Giles’s fabulous design sense in these gorgeous fragrances.

- Bold: Peony & Cherry Blossom
“‘Vibrant and playful, this design evokes feelings of being draped in light fabrics that sway as you move.”
- Black Velvet: Diamond & Lotus Flower
“This design takes inspiration from the luxurious sensation of being draped in velvet that’s catching the light,” says Giles.
- Purple Rain: Amethyst & Floral Bouquet
‘Like an exotic flower or the rush of colour that comes from a rare gemstone, this deep, sensuous scent has the distinctive qualities of a statement dress.’Crimson & Clover: Wild Bloom'
- Blue Monday: Ocean Escape
“I wanted this design to evoke feelings of fluidity, of waves in motion, resembling the delicate movement of lashings of light silk.”

“Day or night, Lenor pours in an enhancing touch for freshness and care for the fabrics, and fits in with women’s modern on-the-go lifestyles,” concludes. “It’s this added element that gives garments that special ‘go-to’ quality, those treasured pieces that get chosen time and time again because of how they fit, feel and most importantly smell, creating lasting moments.”

We’d love to know which clothes evoke special memories in your life… Comment below to let us know!

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