Six investments worth making for your spring wardrobe

Six investments worth making for your spring wardrobe

Tamsin Blanchard guides us through the latest trends to update your favourite looks for spring ’17

Tamsin Blanchard guides us through the latest trends to update your favourite looks for spring 2017.

It doesn’t take much to give your wardrobe a smart new twist, and February is a good time to do it.

The new collections are arriving on the rails. We might not be quite ready for a full-on new-season, blow-the-whistle change of look, but there are a few positive changes and clever investments you can make that will make you feel a little sharper and ahead of the curve.

Make a plan

Don’t just hit the shops or you will come home with all sorts of things you don’t need, don’t really want, and probably don’t suit you anyway. It’s like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach – never a good thing.

  • Take a long hard look at your wardrobe and make a list. There’s always one thing you can’t resist buying more of, the sort of thing your best friend or other half will say, ‘Don’t you have one of those already?’ My weakness is for black jumpers. I know I don’t ever need to buy another one ever again but still, I know I will.
  • Look for the gaps and maximise what you have. Do you have a great pair of trousers but no great blouse to wear with them? Or a dress that needs a belt to make it really shine?
  • Think. Do you have too much of one colour? Do you need to be nudged out of your comfort zone?
  • Pick out a few things you haven’t worn for the past 12 months and take them with you to recycle when you go to H&M or M&S.
  • Then set yourself a budget and stick to it. Really.

My six top tips

1. A good tailored jacket – There are a few items worth investing in for spring/summer 2017. Something that will really make a difference to your look if you are not used to wearing it is a good masculine tailored jacket. If money is no object, then take yourself off to Saint Laurent. The rest of us will be trying our luck on the high street. It’s worth spending as much as your budget will allow on a good jacket. Topshop is worth a look, as is Whistles and the online retailer Finery. You’ll be surprised at how a good, sharp jacket will really clean up your look and make you look – and feel – positive.

2. Pattern one: zebra stripe – Now this may sound a little random, but a zebra stripe will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t ask why (though I’m sure it’s something to do with ‘Planet Earth 2’, thank you David Attenborough) but a graphic zigzag of black and white stripes on your shoes, a dress or even a coat will make you a talking point (in a nice way).

3. Pattern two: checks – If zebra is a bit too loud for your taste, the other print promising to add a little zing is gingham. Forget those summer school uniforms. Gingham has grown up and has become a bit of a classic, along with stripes and polka dots. There’s something a little cooler about a gingham check, and I guarantee, you won’t be short of choices.

4. Don’t be afraid to buy second-hand – High on my shopping list (since seeing Burberry’s new collection, anyway) is a really good trench coat. The price tag on the real thing will make your eyes water, but smart shoppers will know where to find a second hand trench. The ones from the 1970s are particularly great. Check out eBay but also keep it in mind whenever you are near a charity shop (this might have to be an ongoing project). You never know when you might strike gold.

5. New shoes – A new pair of shoes always gives you a bit of thrill. This season, I’m looking for a pair of ankle strap pumps. An ankle strap just adds a little extra elegance to a shoe (flats are still just fine, but if you prefer a heel, go for something solid and blocky)

6. Dress your ears – Finally, don’t forget the most important accessory for the season: the earring. The bigger, the better. Really, some of the new season earrings are so big you could probably pick up a satellite signal on them. But there is something really fun and bold about a big swishy earring over your shoulder. It’s taken the place of the statement necklace as the fun way to express your personality and have some fun.

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