Fashions that have really stood the test of time

Fashions that have really stood the test of time

Ever wondered what fashion editors mean by ‘forever pieces’? Here’s our definitive list – and why we all need them in our wardrobe

One of the nicest things about getting older is that we know what suits us by now, and we can enjoy fashion without following it slavishly.

This means that the classics in our wardrobe are more important than ever – they’re the things we know look as great this year as they did last and will still make us feel fabulous for years to come.

Here are the wardrobe essentials no woman should be without.

A tailored blazer

A well-cut blazer in black or navy flatters all body types and looks great with anything from jeans to dresses. If you don’t already have one (and why not?), it’s worth spending a bit of money to get the best you can afford – because, when it comes to tailoring, you really do tend to get what you pay for.

The perfect LBD

Swap your pumps for heels, throw on a statement necklace and a great LBD will take you effortlessly from day to night. It’s worth noting here that the perfect LBD doesn’t actually have to be black! Red and navy are both great options.

A white shirt

Once upon a time we thought white shirts were boring, that they smacked of school uniform or office wear. Now of course we know better and we salute their cool, crisp perfection. But what to go for? Oversized or fitted? Linen or silk? Well, why stop at one?

A great pair of jeans

Jeans are a timeless, ageless classic and you can find a pair that is The perfect jeans for any figure. The biggest mistake women tend to make when buying jeans is to choose ones that are too big for them. You should have to wiggle a little to get into them (because the denim will give as you wear it).

A trench coat

A trench coat will never go out of fashion, and is as useful in summer – or what passes for summer – when it’s drizzly and warm as it is when layered over a thick jumper in the depths of winter.

A Breton top

There’s something about a Breton top that injects a little bit of French je ne sais quoi to any outfit, particularly if you add a pop of red lippie. Navy and white is the classic option but your stripes can be anything from pink to powder blue to bright red.

And the classic that helps you look after your classics

Fairy Non Bio has been around for decades now, and you can trust it to take equally good care of your clothes and your sensitive skin.

What are the wardrobe classics you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Little red dress

b.mans 20/11/2016

I bought a red skater dress a couple of years back and i get so many compliments about it. It was only €20 and i pair it with aleather jacket, feeling like i can conquer the world

Fairy Goddess

Aoifus 29/10/2016

I still have and wear my denim dungarees. They're still fashionable to me!

Cozy classics

Gormal 28/10/2016

My tailored wool mix coat, a pashima wrap which you can wear as a scarf in winter and a wrap in summer. A plain sweater this can be dress up or down, with those perfectly styled jeans.

Rock Style


My black skinny jeans, black and silver top and my fitted leather jacket . Fairy keeps all my clothes feeling soft and smelling gorgeous.

Winter woolies


A warm wool dress and tights is a day to night outfit for me! Fairy always looks after them beautifully!

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