Five instant routes to summer-ready hair

Five instant routes to summer-ready hair

We long for the sun all winter – but now it’s here, it can leave hair dry and damaged. Here are our top five tips for maintaining luscious locks when the heat is on.

We long for the sun all winter – but now it’s here, it can leave hair dry and damaged. Here are our top five tips for maintaining luscious locks when the heat is on.

We’ve got a bit of a reputation, the British, for getting a bit over-excited at the first sign of sunshine. That’s no wonder when we have to wait so long to see a glimpse of it.

But by now we all know the consequences of spending too much time in the hot sun. It doesn’t just mean raw, red sunburnt skin – it can mean brittle, dry and dull hair too.

So just as you protect your skin from all that sunshine, there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your summer hair is healthy, easy to manage and looking great. Take a look at our top five suggestions.

Protect your hair from UV rays

The rays from the sun damage your hair in the same way that they burn your skin: UV light breaks down the proteins in each strand causing them to become dull and brittle.

Luckily you can also take care of your hair the same way as you do your skin. Try keeping it healthy by using a protective spray like Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration UV Protection Spray, stick to the shade in the middle of the day and cover up with a hat when you’ve had enough sun.

Make sure you’re dandruff-free

The warm sun feels wonderful on your skin after all those dull, damp winter days. But the harsh, unforgiving rays can shed light on things that we’ve overlooked – like the white flakes of dandruff.

Let your hair shine in the sun with confidence by washing with Head & Shoulders Repair & Care shampoo. It combines effective dandruff control with a moisturising action that helps hair recover from the heat.

Get a casual updo that’s ready for sea breezes

It isn’t just the heat that can threaten your perfect hairstyle. Relaxing by the seaside often means coping with those brisk sea breezes – refreshing, but risky for salon-perfect styles.

Luckily, low maintenance natural looks are on trend and ideal for summer. To style your hair so the wind can’t spoil it, why not try a messy chignon?

Just sweep your hair to one side and secure it with elastic, lightly backcomb it for body, twist the hair back around your elastic and fix it with pins. Now you’ve got perfectly casual hair that the wind can’t mess with.

Take a break from the heat

With all the warmth from the sun, the last thing your hair needs is more heat from intense styling from your hairdryer or curling irons. It can make your locks feel dry and dull or even cause split ends.

That’s one reason to switch to a natural-look style. But if you absolutely need to style your hair for a big summer event, try to lower the temperature and use a nozzle to protect the strands from direct heat.

Keep conditioning

It might be tempting to try and pack fewer bottles in your washbag when it’s time to go on holiday, but now’s not the time to cheat and leave off the conditioner.

Conditioner for hair is like moisturiser for the skin, hydrating it and combatting the drying effect of the sun. If you’re stuck for space in your carry-on bag, why not try Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner?

How do you keep your hair looking its best in the summer heat? Let us know your favourite tips in the comments below.

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