5 things you’ll learn after a week without wearing make-up

5 things you’ll learn after a week without wearing make-up

For many women, facing the world without foundation, mascara and lipstick is unthinkable. But the benefits could far outweigh the downsides. Could YOU do it?

For many women, facing the world without foundation, mascara and lipstick is unthinkable. But the benefits could far outweigh the downsides. Could YOU do it?

Ah, make-up. It’s an integral part of the daily routine for so many of us, and we love the way it makes us feel polished and put together. After all, it has the power to do anything from turning a bad skin day into a dewily youthful complexion to disguising a sleepless night.

But isn’t there something liberating about the idea of going au naturel? Isn’t being comfortable in one’s own skin – and accepting and embracing the changes to that skin brought about by the passing years – the epitome of robust self-esteem?

Yes, it is hard to break the habit of a lifetime (and for those of us who started with a dab of lip-gloss and a whisper of mascara in our early teens, it’s a habit that goes to our very core). But consider, if you will, the benefits of going without and letting your beauty really shine through. Not sure you can do it? The following facts might convince you…

1. You’ll have more time

A recent survey of 2000 women found that, on average, we spend around 29 minutes a day putting on make-up to achieve a natural look. And that’s before doing our hair and choosing what to wear. Just think what you could do with that time. Take an energising walk? Call a friend or family member you’re missing? Get a massage? In other words, things that make you feel good inside in a way that no cosmetics can.

2. You’ll have more money

Beauty doesn’t come cheap! Research shows we each spend thousands of pounds every year on cosmetics, which is an eye-watering amount when you think about what you could do with that cash. Holidays, a new car, home improvements…

Try the following exercise for three months, and see how it changes your attitude towards those ‘must-have’ make-up buys: every time you’re tempted to splash out on the latest formulations, put the cash you’d have spent in a jar. At the end of the quarter, count it out and see how much you’ve saved. Then take your family out to dinner, invest in a gym membership or simply give it to charity.

3. Your skin will feel cleaner

We cleanse, tone and moisturise in a bid to keep our skin clean and healthy, but environmental experts estimate that in our daily endeavours to stay fresh and look good, we bombard our faces and bodies with an average of 168 different chemicals – sometimes before we’ve even left the house.

One way to dramatically reduce the number of chemicals you use is to go make-up free for a while. By using a smart product, such as Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream, you’ll achieve the perfect foundation anyway – your own skin! For more on how to put your best face forward, see our feature on skincare tips with the biggest rewards.

4. You’ll feel more confident

The reality is there are times you’ll feel a little self-conscious without make-up – especially in the beginning – simply because you’re likely used to wearing it to feel ‘done’. But after a few hours of facing the world minus make-up, you’ll start to feel liberated on a deeper level. Coming to the realisation that you don’t need make-up to feel ready to take on anything your day has in store is incredibly empowering.

5. You’ll adopt a more natural look

No one’s saying you have to be make-up free forever. But when you revisit your make-up bag, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll start with the basics – and stick to the basics. Top make-up artists don’t advise that ‘less is more’ for nothing. Use foundation (or tinted moisturiser) just where you need it, groom your eyebrows, add a sweep of mascara and a bright lip and you’re done. Natural make-up, done beautifully.

How do you embrace the natural look? We’d love to hear your secrets. Comment below with your views.

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Not for me

Coco 15/04/2018

I don't feel comfortable wearing makeup, so I don't. I use a moisturiser with sun protection and Vaseline for my lips and cleanse with a little soap with water on a face towel. I love my wrinkles;I haven't many for age sixty-two, and my skin is in good condition. Makeup should not be linked with making an effort or conforming to someone else's expectations. You can be well-groomed without it. On the two occasions when I had my "face done" for photos I felt awful and washed it off asap! Ann

No makeup

Clare 29/03/2018

More time, more money for sure, less chemicals getting absorbed through the skin, less packaging waste, less stress and mess (is the mascara smeared?) less self-consciousness, less handbag clutter, less binning of half-used tubes, less time wasted looking at hard sell marketing. No, I don't bother with makeup, just a good moisturiser daily and very occasional dab of foundation and lip gloss once in a blue moon. I wish I'd known in my teens that a rich moisturiser would help protect outdoors.

Less is more

Invictus1 29/03/2018

There is nothing better then letting your skin breathe I only really put on makeup if i'm going out I cleanse tone and moisturise with a sunfactor moisturiser,always olay

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