How to Get Fuller Lips

How to Get Fuller Lips

Learn more about these 5 practical makeup tips and how to achieve fuller looking lips.

No question: We like the friendly smile that greets us in the mirror in the morning! But now and then we wouldn’t mind feminine, sensual and kissable lips. Five easy steps to make your lips look fuller.

Step 1: Cover the edges of your lips with a concealer.

Step 2: Use a lip pencil to delineate the contours of your lips. Draw a pencil line from the centre of the lips all the way to the outer corners of your mouth!

Step 3: 3D volume effect: Paint the corners of your mouth with a slightly darker lip pencil and blend this lightly inwards – this gives visual emphasis to the lips.

Step 4: Bright, vibrant lipstick colours are more appealing than dark, heavy tones.

Step 5: Add a bit of gloss to the centre of your lips. The reflected mother-of-pearl sheen conjures up great accents.

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