Get clothes confidence in wearing bold colours

Get clothes confidence in wearing bold colours

Our guide will show you how colour can help you with being confident

The color is powerful force. It can make you look better or worse, short or tall, thin or fat. If your colors are perfectly chosen, it can be your secret weapon in being confident. You will feel more confident, more attractive and more in control. No matter how old you are. Color is the one of those little things that can make a big difference in how you look.

Your own color palette
Let’s start from defining your own genuine palette of colors. The thing is to find them out and to use them in a right way. It’s simple like washing with capsules. Just take your clothes out of your wardrobe and put them against your face one by one. Watch your face. Can you see how it is changing? In some shades you look pale, in other ones you look much clearer. Pay your attention to check if the shades wash you out, or help to look brighter and enhance your features. The mirror will tell you the truth. And let’s not cheating ourselves. If your favorite dress turns out to make you looking as if you suffered from jaundice, the best option is just to give it to your enemy.

Once you choose your final pile shades that suit you best, just stick to it. The colors will help you at any age and in any style. Have a look at Meryl Streep starring in ‚Ricky and the Flash’. Even if she is wearing a bit shabby clothes, she looks perfect. Why? Because she is dressed in the right colors. This means that colors perfectly suit her complexion and her personality, and even her wrinkles do not ruin the final effect.

Good pieces of advice
- Remember what you wear when you are happy. Then use the same colors in your bad days, because it will improve your mood so much!
- Even if your hair goes grey, don’t decide to change your color dramatically. Your color palette stay the same all your life.
- At all cost avoid combination of dark blue with white.
- It’s not true that only black can make you look taller. Every color worn from toe to head does the job, as long as it belongs to your color palette. Simple is smart.
- During the summer, turquoise looks fabulous with beige and white and with pale greens.
- Wearing purple doesn’t mean royalty anymore, but still it is a symbol of luxury.
- Red is difficult to wear. But once you find the right tone for your complexion, you will look outstanding. Don’t team red with black and white, or both.
- Do not wear black accessories with your beautiful burgundy outfit.
- You turned 60s and love intensive colors? No problem. Just be sure that they fit your complexion and keep on.
- Dark brown looks really great in a luxurious fabric, e.g. velvet.
- Whites are not the same. It’s not just one color, but lots of shades that suit differently to different beauties.

Once you fill your wardrobe with garments in the right colors, you will certainly wash them with a great care. You will maybe find yourself reading washing symbols. You will do your best not to let the colors run, but keep them bright by washing in good detergents. Why not to try Daz which brings brilliant cleaning effects on whites and colors. Available in a simple and convenient form of washing capsules it simplifies the laundry process a lot. You put one washing capsule into the washing machine’s drum and it’s done.

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