Get your hair’s va-va voom back

Get your hair’s va-va voom back

As your hair ages, it can lose its ‘oomph’, but we’ve got the tips (and an exciting new product) to help

As your hair ages, it can lose its ‘oomph’, but we’ve got the tips (and an exciting new product) to help

Whether you’ve had fine hair your whole life, or you’ve found that your hair has thinned with age, most of us could benefit from some tips on adding bounce and movement to our hair.

While backcombing was the name of the volume game when we were younger (remember the epic styles of 1988’s Working Girl?), that look went out along with shoulder pads and shell suits (and thank goodness for that).

But there’s no denying your locks look better with a bit of a lift. So here’s how to go from flat to fabulous with ease…

The new miracle product

If you have fine hair, chances are you’ll find that heavy conditioners can leave your locks lank and flat.

Pantene, though, has launched a new Foam Conditioner. This offers all the benefits of its regular cream conditioner, but the foam’s light-as-air consistency means it doesn’t weigh fine hair down. Instead your locks are left easy to detangle, visibly healthy and full of volume.

You can even apply the foam from root to tip, ensuring the conditioner treats every inch of your hair without causing greasy roots. For best results, use the Pantene Body & Volume shampoo followed by the Pantene Body & Volume Foam Conditioner

Fine-haired ladies are already big fans, with Pantene Foam voted Best Conditioner by Marie Claire magazine.

The blow-dry

If you want to do an at-home blow-dry that will boost your tresses, just follow these steps:

  1. Wash, condition and towel-dry your hair, then use a hair dryer to get roughly half the moisture out.
  2. Squirt a golf-ball-sized blob of Pantene Pro-V Perfect Volume Mousse
  3. onto your palm and work it into the hair.
  4. Start blow-drying using a medium-sized round brush – the smaller the brush, the more of a wave you’ll get. Blow-dry all the hair away from your head – you could try the old trick of holding your head upside down.
  5. After drying each section, leave the brush in with your hair wrapped around it for 10 seconds to cool down. It’ll help to fix the volume for a longer-lasting effect.
  6. Lastly, tip your head upside down and blast your hair with Pantene’s Pro-V Perfect Volume Lightweight Hairspray, and tease your hair into style using your fingers.

Go curly

Curly hair naturally has more movement and bounce than poker straight locks, plus curls add depth and shape to your ’do.

To avoid damaging your hair with heated tools, you can curl your hair naturally – and all while you sleep. You can either use soft sleep-in rollers, or, if you have shoulder-length or longer hair, a night roller hairband – available in beauty shops and online.

Before bed, wash and dry your hair, comb it through and put into your desired parting. Then divide hair into equal sections and wrap each section around the night roller band.

The band also helps life your hair at the roots, so when you remove it in the morning and comb through with your fingers, you should have soft, voluminous curls.

The last-minute lift

For an instant fix, dry shampoo is there to help out. It’s not just for occasions when you haven’t had time to wash your hair – it also works brilliantly as an emergency styling product.

Just tip your head upside down and spray Pantene Dry Shampoo directly on the roots, then give it a spray all over for extra volume and texture. Shake it through your hair with your fingers and, voilà! Your va-va-voom has returned.

Try Pantene’s new Foam Conditioner and let us know what you think in the comments section below, or on our tried and tested page.

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