Hair as dry as the Sahara? Get your shine back

Hair as dry as the Sahara? Get your shine back

Tamsin Blanchard checks out the timeless tips and the latest trends in hair care that will keep your locks luscious.

Hair consumes a great deal of our time. If we are not sitting at the hairdressers having it washed, cut, coloured or blow-dried, we are at home primping it, conditioning it, slathering hair masks on it, tonging it, straightening it, curling it, brushing it, and generally just worrying about it.

We look in the mirror and peer at the ever-increasing strands of grey, imagining what we would look like with – or without – a fringe, examining our split ends.
We worry about how long it is, how short it is, how grey it is, how flat it is, and how bouncy it is.

I mean, that bounce in slow motion as you move your head from side to side is what we’re all going for, right?

Going short and shiny

I recently had my hair cut shorter by about four inches. It was quite long but very dry and knotty thanks to regular sessions in the swimming pool and the usual rounds of straightening irons, and well, just getting older. Instead of having a trim, I opted for a clean break with an Alexa Chung-style choppy bob.

But of course, I’m not Alexa and choppy has the tendency to translate to sloppy where I’m concerned. But it’s a fairly low maintenance style and that has appeal to anyone trying to juggle three jobs, two children and only a vague awareness of where the hairdryer is.

Now it’s a bit shorter and more manageable, I’ve decided to focus on making it shine.

Finding what works for me

I’ve seen it in the adverts on TV and there are loads of products out there that do the job – oils, glosses, masques, creams, serums. I recently spent a day at a spa with two girlfriends and insisted they all slap on a good handful of moisturising hair masque for the duration of the visit. We all reported softer feeling hair, but I was after something more than that – a high shine gloss.

The latest wonder ingredient is the kukui nut from Hawaii. It's one of those multi-purpose miracle ingredients that the Polynesians have known about for ever and the rest of us have just caught up with. You can pretty much slather it anywhere you fancy – it’s the latest trend in super moisturizing oils, certainly worth a try.

How to wear it this season

Once you’ve managed to perfect your gloss, the big thing to remember for hair this season is – like fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual.

A quick glance through the models on the catwalks won’t help you find a ‘key’ look. It will however give you an awful lot of choice, whether it’s a buzz cut, plaits and cornrows, long romantic tresses, statement hair accessories, or tousled bed hair. Whatever suits you basically goes. It's the perfect time to try something new, with endless styles to inspire you.

And if all else fails…

Take a tip from designer brand Balmain and swap hairstyles with your best friend – just as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid did for the autumn/winter 2016 show.
Kendall went blonde and Gigi came over all brunette thanks to some clever hairpieces.
Could the wig be back? That – believe me - could solve a multitude of sins.

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