Great Haircuts & Styles for any Hair length

Great Haircuts & Styles for any Hair length

Find out more about our trendy haircut ideas & easy hairstyles for all hair lengths.

Whether short, medium or long: The perfect haircut fills us with confidence and shows off our best features. Are you still searching for your favourite hairstyle? Then take inspiration from Victoria's haircut trends!

Short hair

Short, shorter, pixie (1)! This cheeky haircut suits sporty women particularly well. Good styling products are essential for this type of haircut, such as Wellaflex Form & Finish Gel. This is the perfect way to accentuate all the different strands of hair.

A parting at the back of the head (2) is particularly trendy for short haircuts. The hair at the top falls to the front from the back and the combination of the fringe and the soft sides looks both classical and youthful.

Long live the garçonne! This haircut (3), which has been inspired by the world of men, owes its charm to the layered fringe styled to one side, the short sides and tapered neck. Perfect for fine hair! Volume foams, such as Wellaflex Volume & Style give greater body to your hair.

Medium-length hair

A bouncy head of curls (see large photo, top) despite straight hair? No problem! Achieve this look with some styling mousse and curling tongs, for example by Braun, and accentuate the look with texturing creme.

Youthful and charming: The medium-length bob is accentuated here with layers (4). A full fringe that covers the eyebrows creates a youthful look. Add some volume mousse for a light hold. First blow-dry your hair over your head, then style to the front with a brush.

If you prefer a smoother look, a classical pageboy style (5) is best for you. Blow-dry your hair using a rounded brush and spray lightly with hairspray to hold it in place.

Long hair

Are you after a more youthful look? Warm nuances such as honey blonde (6) brighten the colour and gentle curls soften the features. Use large curlers on the lightly layered hair or curl the ends gently with curling tongs.

Your wild days are far from over! A full, wavy mane of hair (7) exudes vitality and is uncomplicated to style, particularly with natural curls.

Generous layers over at least half of the top portion of hair (8) bring delightful movement to this cut. Part damp hair to one side and blow-dry individual strands using a rounded hairbrush. Tip: Add some setting lotion before you start.

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