How not to fall into the senior style trap

How not to fall into the senior style trap

Gone are the days when being older means obligatory membership to the “beige brigade” and getting a blue rinse. Here’s how to work it when you’re 50 plus.

Gone are the days when being older means obligatory membership to the “beige brigade” and getting a blue rinse. Here’s how to work it when you’re 50 plus.

This year, Daz detergent is celebrating 65 years of making clothes look great, and we want you to be able to celebrate the same.

But while Daz does it by making your whites and colours clean and bright, you will need a few more tricks up your sleeve.

So here’s how to have effortless style no matter your age…

Say yes to brights (and no to beige)

When we were younger, it seemed like everyone who turned 50 asked for a pair of beige slacks for their birthday and wore them ever day thereafter, along with a matching beige cardi.

Thankfully things have changed, and the answer these days is to say ‘no’ to beige and ‘yes’ to brights.

Find out what colours look great on you by seeing if you suit gold or silver jewellery best. This will tell you if you have a warm (gold) or cool (silver) skin tone. Everyone suits all colours, but it’s whether you will suit a cool aqua or a warm royal blue, a cool apple green or a warm bottle green, and so on.

If you’re totally devoted to neutrals, try adding a pop of colour with a bright scarf, handbag, coat or shoes.

No matter what colours you go for, wash them in Daz, to clean and restore brightness to your whites and colours – remember, it’s had 65 years of practice, so it’s an oldie but a goodie!

Go grey gracefully

Going grey doesn’t necessarily mean growing old. In fact, fashionable youngsters are choosing to go a shade of silver for style points.

Unlike them, you don’t have to pay out at the salon to go grey – you can just let nature take its course. However, there are a few tricks to help you seamlessly blend your way to grey, and make sure your cut and condition is top-notch.

Click here to discover some great advice on going grey with style.

Keep your crowning glory

Another senior saga is that long hair is ageing, but this doesn’t need to be the case if it’s healthy and full of body.

However, hair can thin with age and becomes harder to grow, so to find out how to combat this, check out our article Roll back the years with long, luscious locks.

Or, if you are considering going for the chop, find out our nine things to ask yourself first.

Be stylish and comfortable

Gone are the days when we were willing to teeter around in stilettos and skin-tight dresses, but that doesn’t mean we need to live in slippers and baggy clothes.

Whatever you wear, make sure it fits well. A nip and a tuck by a tailor here and there could make an item look completely bespoke for a fraction of the price.

Also, treat yourself to luxurious materials, like silk and cashmere, and spend money on quality, not quantity, so that you have classic, key items that stand the test of time.

For more advice on this, check out our article Three steps to a capsule wardrobe.

Get measured

You also shouldn’t forget what’s underneath your clothes.

While you probably think you know your bra size by now, your back and cup size can vary throughout your lifetime, so it’s worth getting measured every six months to a year, or if you’ve lost or gained weight, for example.

You might not think it will make that much difference but trust us: wearing the right bra can make an outfit go from frumpy to fabulous in seconds.

Lighten your make-up (but still wear some)

Heavy make-up can make you look older as it sinks into wrinkles and makes eyes look heavy.

Instead you want to add definition and highlight your bone structure with light-reflecting make-up to give your face a natural-looking lift.

For expert tips from our fabulous-at-56 celebrity editor Carol Vorderman, and make-up artist Alice Theobald, check out our video here.

What are your tips for looking great? Spill all in the comments section below.

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the brighter the better


At the ripe old age of 68 and years of wearing black, grey or navy suits to work. I love my vivid colors, turquoise, hot pink, apple green and red. Friends and family say I look 10 years younger and I feel great in bright colors so give it a go its a mood enhancer.

Grey style

Trish 31/05/2017

Fab article, can't wait to read it to my mom!!

LIfe begins at 52


Being seperated for the last 9 years and rearing 2 teenage daughters single handed really took it out of me and I did'nt even care what I looked like. Now they are in college and almost self sufficient (apart from the money!!!!) I can finally take time to look after my clothes and appearance and ultimately my state of mind has greatly improved. Should have concentrated on it more long ago but just did'nt have the time or energy. Guess moral of the story is we should make time!!!!!

Change is good


Forget fashion and trends, wear what works for you and what you feel good in. Keep trying new styles and colours, your body shape and skin tone changes over the years and I found to my surprise that dress styles that did not suit when I was slim looked great on the expanded me. I have also found that white t-shirts (that wardrobe staple) look dreadful now that I have allowed my hair to go grey.

Brillant White


Whites should DAZZLE not be drab

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