Is your hair as fit as you are?

Is your hair as fit as you are?

Take it from singing star Ellie Goulding: feeling strong is the secret to confidence. And what you do for a strong, healthy body can lead to strong hair too.

A healthy body and healthy hair go together in perfect harmony, which means a glorious mane can be attained through keeping your body fit too. “When I’m feeling strong I can do whatever I set my mind to,” says Brit Award-winning singer Ellie Goulding. “When my hair is strong I can do anything I want to it without worrying about the damage.”

In other words, the steps you take to keep your body in shape can lead to strong, healthy hair, too – and here are some great ways to get a head start.

1. Eat well to grow strong
Many of us already enjoy a balanced diet, rich in lots of nutrients. The same approach can help to keep hair strong, healthy and shiny too. Hair is made of protein, so you’ll want to eat plenty of lean chicken and fish, along with legumes and nuts.

Lack of iron is a major cause of hair loss, so add a bit of red meat or leafy green vegetables. And vitamin C is essential for the collagen that helps hair grow and maintain its strength, so make sure you include some red peppers, kiwi fruit and oranges.

2. Stay hydrated
When you’re working hard, keeping fit at the gym or just running around with the grandkids, you need to make sure you get enough water. The same is true of your hair, which has to work hard when it’s styled and coloured.

“I put my hair through a lot of heat, styling and colouring, especially when I’m touring,” says Ellie. “Up until now, I only used salon brands, but now I’ve discovered Pantene PRO-V, there’s no going back. It keeps my hair strong and at its most beautiful.”

If your hair’s in danger of frizzing up for lack of moisture, try Pantene Hydra-Intensify Moisture Lock Intense Hydration Mask twice a week to restore its sleekness.

3. Protect yourself from the sun
Getting a bit of sun is good for us, but too much soon causes skin damage and wrinkles. That’s why we protect ourselves with a good sunscreen. And that’s just what you should do for your hair too.

But don’t just slap any sunscreen on your tresses: try a dedicated protective spray such as Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration UV Protective Spray, which is designed to lock in the hair’s moisture while it keeps out damaging rays.

4. Keep your vitality as you get older
Age is just a number when you stay active, take care of yourself and keep your zest for life. With the right kind of care, you can ensure your hair doesn’t show its age either.

The Pantene Age Defy Expert Collection is the result of a decade of research into the ageing process. It coats hair strands to make them thicker and lusher, giving the appearance of hair that is 10 years younger, with more shine, smoothness and strength.

How do keep your hair looking as healthy as you are? Share your tips in the comments below.

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