Living a Simple Life: Less is More!

Living a Simple Life: Less is More!

Our guide on living a simple life shows you how to appreciate less being more

"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."
- Steve Jobs

When it comes to simplicity, great minds think the same. From art of design, technology, kitchen, up to the life styles, simplicity holds the crown of the unbeaten queen among queens. Simple ideas have the biggest chances to attract our attention and to be loved, not mentioning the biggest power to make other creators envious. Products that are simple to use make a revolution and have millions of imitators. A simple crisp white shirt, a pencil skirt and long pearls are nearly in every wardrobe and are considered timeless. Why? To find it out I asked my friends what simple things they do appreciate most about living a simple life.
"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last."
- Vivienne Westwood

A lot of us find the biggest value in simplicity of their life. Especially women who turn their 50 and start looking differently at everything they experience. We simplify our way of living, from relationships up to the home decorations. We enjoy simple pleasures. Some of us associate simplicity with our clothing style. My friends, Anne and Yvonne who used to work in clothing industries pointed out two easy-to-use items that had changed and improved our lives. I bet you don’t expect what it is.
Anne, 53, former costume designer in a theater:

- Simple things to me are the ones that make my life easier. It should impress you and not require a lot of thinking to get how to use it or what does it mean.
One of such blindingly simple things for me is Velcro, a zipperless zipper. Not everyone knows that it was invented by an accident. It was George de Mestral, a French amateur engineer who went home with his dog and noticed the burrs that clung to his clothes. He started to study a burr under a microscope and found out that they were covered in tiny hooks. This observation let him finally make a combination of two stripes that ‘recreate’ the same trick – one is covered with hooks, another with loops. And it works until today. We can’t imagine life without this simple way of binding.

Yvonne, 49, used to be a wedding planner. Now, she works as a volunteer, running sewing courses:
- Simplicity… it is something very easy to assess, but very difficult to create at the same time. As I’ve been always interested in fabrics, my benchmark for simplicity comes from this area. It’s a pair of denim jeans. Even Yves Saint Laurent wished he hadn’t invented them. He said “Blue jeans are the most spectacular, the most relaxed and nonchalant.” And he was completely right. Today technology makes denim even more smart. It keeps its shape even after washing many times. Last Wrangler collection includes jeans that can be waterproof and keep warmth. I do believe it’s not the last word…

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