Make your skin glow

Make your skin glow

Tamsin Blanchard checks out the best ways to maintain the look you want when you’re travelling.

I love nothing more than a good muddy face mask.

There’s something so satisfying about slathering a palmful of Dead Sea mud on your face and waiting for it to dry, your skin tightening underneath. But sadly I don’t have that much time to spend wallowing in mud. And it’s not often I get to go to the Dead Sea.

Which is why I like to pack as many beauty products as I can fit in my suitcase when I set off on a trip.

Downtime me-time

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend a bit of time on pampering. I don’t know about you, but my daily beauty regime generally involves two simple steps - cleanse and moisturise. Usually I’m in too much of a hurry to do much else. But holidays are the one time I can exfoliate, moisturise, massage, polish and generally give my skin a bit of a treat.

There are some great travel kits with carefully chosen miniatures so you don’t have to drag half your bathroom cabinet with you, and ensure you have your own personal and portable spa pack. Here’s what my kit this summer will include…

Sheet face masks

I bought some of these on a trip to Japan this year.

  • You simply place them over your face and lie back and let them do their work as you drift off listening to the children splashing in the pool.
  • After 15 minutes or so, your skin has absorbed the goodness, and your skin will feel as though it has stepped back in time a good ten years.
  • You might look like the phantom of the opera while it’s on, but you will feel like a goddess afterwards.

Sun protection

My younger self quite liked that but these days I know better – a tan just means skin damage. So I’m getting quite fanatical about sunscreens.

  • For everyday, I am currently using a defense fluid with SPF 15, antioxidants in the form of ginger, and titanium dioxide as a barrier against pollution as well as UVA and UVB. Alternatively, you can also try Olay Regenerist 3 Point Moisturiser with SPF30 as a great day cream.
  • For a day in the sun, I will take extra care with an SPF30 (at least, and constant reapplication) and throw on a sun hat too. You only have one skin.
  • And if you are feeling pale and want a bit of colour, a tinted moisturiser can add an instant healthy glow - and check that it provides sun protection too.

And, for days on the beach…

I can’t say I wear too much make-up. Sunglasses do the trick. And a fruity tinted translucent lip gloss or balm with SPF will make you look fresh without being overdone. And that’s it. I can’t wait (and neither can my skin). Happy pampering and bon voyage!

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