Make your toes twinkle for sandal season

Make your toes twinkle for sandal season

Tamsin Blanchard tells us how to prepare our feet for summer, including the best treatments at home and the salon.

Tamsin Blanchard tells us how to prepare our feet for summer, including the best treatments at home and the salon.

What’s that saying – act your age, not your shoe size? But while your shoes might be a five, have you ever stopped to think how old your feet actually look?

Like our hands, feet take a lot of punishment over the years. All that ramming into ill-fitting shoes and teetering on ill-advised heels; those dry husks of heels; the bunions; the badly painted toenails; the total neglect, not to mention the swelling caused by pregnancy and general fatigue... our poor feet!

They need a break. And if you are investing in some fancy new sandals for the summer (or planning an escape to some barefoot paradise), now’s the time to give your feet a treat.

Home pampering

It’s easy to start at home (which is great if you want to get your feet into shape before venturing for a pedicure – a bit like cleaning up before the cleaner comes). The bath is the best place for some serious foot care.

  • Start with a foot file or an old-fashioned pumice stone (Cowshed does a great natural pumice stone) and spend some time gently rubbing and scrubbing to get rid of all the rough skin and callouses. If you do this as part of your daily routine, your feet will soon be nice and soft.
  • Nails should be clipped every three-to-four weeks. Straight across. Don’t be tempted to shape them in any way.

Find the perfect foot cream

My bedside table has my favourite foot cream in permanent residence – there is nothing nicer than climbing into bed and slathering some tingly cream all over my feet and then slipping them under the covers to soak in the moisture overnight. You can even try some specially designed socks to keep the cream on your feet and off the sheets.

I find that foot creams range from the downright surgical to the more fragrant. Those that contain tea tree oil are good for avoiding fungal infections, while lavender is good for relieving pain and perfect to help soothe you off to sleep. Emu oil is another ingredient to look for as it’s known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties – Margaret Dabbs has a great range of emu-oil-based products.

Your feet in expert hands

The one thing you can’t really do at home – unless you are extremely good at yoga – is massage your own feet. That’s where a good pedicure comes in.

I’m not convinced by those fish pedicures, I have to say. But I do love a warm foot spa in a massage chair before a really good pedicure. It doesn’t have to be some fancy spa – your local nail parlour will probably do the trick.

When it comes to nail colour, I’m a fan of shiny red for the summer (especially once my toes are looking 10 years younger).

The SS17 finishing touch

Then, of course, all you need to do is choose the right sandals.

If you want to feel super goddess-y there are a lot of metallic gold sandals about this summer.

For a splurge buy, go for a pair of Ancient Greeks - their minimal, flat, plaited-gold-leather sandals will really make your feet shine. Or if you want to capitalise on the youthful vibe, go for something a little punky; there are loads of studded, buckled styles out there – half punk, half gladiator.

On a slightly different vibe, you might have noticed Uma Thurman striding around in Fitflops a lot recently. Well, I have to confess, some of the new sandal styles are really rather cool. I’ve got my eye on a pair of denim and cork wedges. Just don’t tell anyone they’re approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It might give the game away.

What’s your favourite way to treat your feet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Foot Massage

Invictus1 08/06/2017

I use an ordinary tennis ball to massage my weary feet. While i am sitting down at the kitchen table i do ten minutes on each foot,rolling the ball around my feet.

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