Makeup Tips for Glasses

Makeup Tips for Glasses

Try our makeup advice by Victoria today, and look even more gorgeous when you’re rocking
your glasses!

Glasses lost their stuffy image ages ago and have since become a stylish accessory. Let’s be proud of what we have! The right make-up is essential for this, and we show you how to achieve it.

Eye shadow? But of course!

Since glasses already draw attention to the eyes, the motto “less is more” really applies to eye make-up! Favour natural tones for eye shadow. Neutral colours are ideal for the day, but for the evening a warm brown or soft grey is better. Be careful with metallic colours as these tend to emphasise small wrinkles.

Tips for short and long-sightedness

The eyes of short-sighted people often look smaller through the lenses: Opt for bright eye shadow and apply some white kohl under the lash line. This makes your eyes look bigger. However, if you’re long-sighted, your eyes appear bigger through the lenses. So what should you do? Dark, matt colours help the eyes recede. Your make-up becomes darker the higher you shade your lids and this makes your eyes appear smaller through your glasses.

Beautiful lashes for fluttering

Whilst long-sighted people should be a bit reserved with their lashes, short-sighted people can go to town with mascara. A good mascara that colours your lashes from the root to the tip, separates them out and lengthens them is an absolute must. Use a good quality mascara such as Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara.

And finally: Don’t forget your lips!

If you have to be a bit restrained with your eye make-up, go to town with your lips. Whether you fancy a delicate pink or an intensive red – everything is allowed!

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