Hairstyles Youre Never Too Old For

Hairstyles Youre Never Too Old For

No matter the age, every woman wants to feel chic and beautiful. Feeling good starts with a great hairstyle! Check out our guide to hairstyles for any age.

Fancy a new hairdo this autumn? From crops to curls, the key to a flattering hairstyle for older women is one that needs little product and minimal styling

The choppy bob

Layered loose waves, worn with a textured fringe, will hide a multitude of sins, from lined foreheads to sagging jowls. The waves will also give your face a fuller finish if age has started to drag it down. Worn short or long, this look will suit most hair types and takes minutes to style.

The gamine crop

This classic style suits smaller features and opens up pretty eyes. A trendy hairstyle that suits women over 50 as it embraces grey hair – the colour adds a striking touch.

The Botox fringe

A blunt fringe draws attention away from crows’ feet while hiding the wrinkles that have taken residency on your forehead. Keeping your fringe brow length is crucial, but don’t be tempted to trim your own in between cuts. Most salons offer free fringe trims.

The lop-sided bob

Wallflowers need not apply! If you really want to look fab at 50, try an asymmetric bob. It suits all face shapes, so chat to your hairdresser for the best way for you to wear this look.

The growing out crop

Grown-out choppy lengths teamed with a short, sweeping fringe keeps a crop you want to grow longer in neat and flattering shape. Longer layers and a face-framing fringe soften features, a beauty trick must for the 50-plusers.

Face-framing layers

Layers that sit around your face hide a jaw line that’s fading. Whether you’d rather keep you hair above your shoulders or wear it longer, chin length sections trimmed in around your face add body and movement, plus they will disguise a double chin.

Sexy waves

Soft kinks knock years off all of us. A side parting is more flattering than a middle one, which pulls your face down. Wash with Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body for instant volume without the weight. Use a tong from mid lengths to ends only and tease the curl out at the end by racking your fingers through it. Finish with a touch of hairspray.

Keep it long

You can keep you hair long past the age of 50, but it needs a lot of care. The key to younger-looking long hair is keeping it glossy and nourished with conditioning products and regular visits to the salon. A shine-enhancing colour works a treat, too!

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