Perfect Party Legs Minus The Razor Burn

Perfect Party Legs Minus The Razor Burn

Ouch! There’s nothing worse than razor burn, especially before a night out. These nine top beauty tips are miracle savers

1. Pre-shave prep
Washing and exfoliating skin before shaving removes dead skin and oil that clog up the blade – a congested razor equates to a nasty burn. Treat your skin before shaving with Braun Silk-Epil Pre-epilation wipes.

2. Kitchen cupboard cure
Mix up your own chemical-free exfoliator to reduce the chances of skin irritation pre-shave. A teaspoon of olive oil mixed with enough sea salt to make a thickish concoction, rubbed in vigorously before showering, leaves your skin soft enough for a smooth shave and no risk of ingrown hairs.

3. Keep it hot
Shaving in a hot shower or bath softens hairs and opens up pores, reducing the risk of burns and shaving rash. If you want to do underarms or bikini line in a hurry, a flannel soaked in hot water and left on the area for 2-3 minutes, adds a soothing pre-shave boost.

4. Use a clean machine
After every stroke, rinse the blade so that the built up of hairs doesn’t drag on the razor. Clean your blade thoroughly with warm water after shaving and before your next shave.

5. Switch your blade
Dull blades – yes they really should be shining – need more pressure to cut hair, which can cause razor burn. Prevent razor burn by replacing the blade, or razor if you use disposable ones, after every three to 10 shaves or when you notice it looking dull.

6. A sweet treat
Marshmallow extract is a good skin-softener for post-shaved skin and coconut oil has anti-inflammatory benefits. Glycerin helps to restore the barrier function of skin that gets broken as we shave and good old aloe vera is always handy should you get a burn or rash. Look out for these ingredients when buying shaving products.

7. Out with the ouch!
Do an internet search on razor knicks and you might find things like witch hazel and tea tree to help them. Be warned! Although these natural wonders have cleansing and antiseptic properties, they’ll sting like mad when put on a cut.

8. A cold comfort
Apply cold water after shaving to close pores, then pat dry – don’t rub – gently.

9. Between shaves
Using fragrance-free lotions regularly in between shaving stops dryness, so your shave is a smooth one minus irritation. Team your shave with a hydrating shaving gel to reduce the friction between your skin and the razor. Alternatively, use a Venus & Olay razor as the moisture bar helps lock in the skin’s moisture for less dryness and a smoother shave. It also comes with a handy shower hook to keep it conveniently close to hand.

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