7 ways to get around not washing your hair daily!

7 ways to get around not washing your hair daily!

Discover our 7 haircare tips & tricks to prolong your daily hair wash and still look great.

Many of us wash our hair every day as part of our beauty regime. But as multitasking power women, we sometimes just don't have the time, or quite frankly, the inclination. With our tips you will have a mane of hair that always looks perfect.

Trick 1: Ponytail

If you have long hair you can easily disguise your unwashed hair in a ponytail: Brush your hair back and fasten it with a pretty clasp or band.

Trick 2: Hairspray for straggly hair

If your hair looks greasy or straggly the day after you've washed it, simply spray some hairspray such as Wellaflex Instant Volume Boost onto a hairbrush with natural bristles. Then give your hair a really good brush and voilà!

Trick 3: Hairbands, etc.

Your trusty friend the hairband is ideal for concealing hair that is not so perfectly in an on-trend style. You can then decide whether you want to wear your hair in a ponytail or loose, depending on your mood.

Trick 4: Just wash your fringe

It's usually the front part of the hair that starts to look straggly, whilst the rest is fine. So just wash your fringe in the sink.

Trick 5: Change your parting

Most of us have worn our parting on the same side for years. Change a bad hair day simply by changing your parting – it's certainly worth a go!

Trick 6: Dry shampoo

If it has to be really quick and easy, dry shampoo is a real friend: Spray it onto those areas that need a bit of perking up, massage it in well and then style your hair as usual. If you don't have any dry shampoo you can use baby powder instead.

Trick 7: Plait your hair

Plait your hair and either pin the plaits up or fasten them with a ribbon. Only possible for long hair? Not at all: If you have short hair but a longer fringe, you can plait this and fasten it with a pretty clip at eyebrow level.

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