Top 10 Ways To Party-Proof Your Hair

Top 10 Ways To Party-Proof Your Hair

Try out these perfect party hairstyles, which will stay in place all day or night long- thanks to these expert hair tips and hero products!

Perfect party hairstyles, expert tips and superhero products – all you need to know to keep on looking gorgeous right through to New Year’s Day

1. Book the salon now

“Hair looks best a couple of weeks after a haircut,” says Ben Cooke, creative stylist ambassador for Pantene Pro-V. “Get a trim and colour in early December and you’ll be set for the fun weeks ahead.”

2. Beat the heat

Your hairdryer habit can leave hair hopelessly frizzy. The solution? Use Aussie Take the Heat Leave-in Conditioner with every blow dry and turn the temperature to low.

3. Protect coloured hair

Excessive styling can damage coloured or highlighted hair. Pantene Pro-V Colour, Protect & Smooth products will help undo some of the damage. Adding a protective layer to seal in colour, adding volume, softness and shine.

4. Party hair straight from the office

Dampen your hair at the cloakroom sink, spritz roots with a spray gel root lifter, tip your head upside down and blast hair under the hand dryer. Flip your head back for instant va-va-voom.

5. Braidy bun

Give a bun some style with a braid. Tie a high ponytail, create a loose plait and twist to make a bun. Fix with spin pins and a mist of hairspray.

6. Instant glam

Backcomb your hair at the crown, then smooth with a soft-bristle brush. Grab two sections in line with the outside corners of your eyes, pull back and pin with criss-crossed grips.

7. Quick and classy

Create a deep side parting, pull hair into a low side ponytail and wrap a few large sections of hair around tongs to create big, sexy waves.

8. Floppy hair solution

If your hair flops as soon as you hit the dance floor, choose a style that looks better the messier it gets. Prep damp hair with Aussie Miracle Styling Mousse and roughly blow dry. Fingercomb hair into a low ponytail, leaving the tail in a loop with the ends sticking out of the band. Finish with a sparkly hair accessory.

9. Damage control

Heat styling and cold weather are tough on your locks, so use a deep conditioning mask once a week and let hair air-dry. “Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Deep Repair Masque restores shine and manageability in two minutes,” says Ben.

10. Wake up gorgeous

“Sleep-in rollers are great on Christmas Eve,” says Ben. “Put them in as smooth and neat as possible and you’ll have fabulous bouncy party hair on Christmas morning.”

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