Yes, You Can Wear Glitter Make-up!

Yes, You Can Wear Glitter Make-up!

Sometimes it is the perfect occasion to wear a bold makeup look! What’s more exciting than glitter makeup? Learn how and when to wear glitter makeup here.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle over the holidays? Being 50-plus doesn’t mean you have to confine it to your wardrobe – learn a few tricks to prove you’re never too old to shine!

Colour coding
Keep all colours similar, so if you’ve gone for gold glitter on your eyes, choose warm tones, like soft nudes on your cheeks and lips. Silver works better with cool tones like softer pinks.

Shimmer and shine
If you prefer to be subtle, go for a shimmer blusher or highlighter instead. Avoid shimmery eyeshadows as they can seep into fine lines around your eyes making them stand out more. An understated brush on the apples of your cheeks and down the centre of your nose will reflect light, instantly taking off years.

Just a hint of sparkle
Glitter can look sophisticated when it's just dabbed over eyelids – use a cotton bud to roll it over your eyes so random pieces stick to your lids, adding just a subtle hint when your eyes hit the light. Glitter make-up looks even better on firmer-looking skin. Olay Regenerist’s new lightweight SPF formula will give you coverage you won’t even notice, but firmer looking skin that you will.

Try a glitter liner
You can buy eyeliners infused with glitter, or use an eyeliner brush dipped in a glitter eyeshadow. Apply the brush as close to your upper lashes as possible and run it over your eyeline, followed by a fine brush of the same on the outer corners directly under your lower lashes.

Mix but don’t match
Less is always more, so if your eyeshadow is glittery, don’t wear a glittering lip gloss as well.

Build a base
Use a nude shadow or a creamy foundation on your eyelids as a base before applying glitter so it has something to stick to. If applied to a naked lid, you’ll be left with more glitter over your face than on your eyes.

Watch out for the glitterarti
Put the rest of your make-up on after creating glitter eyes so you won’t have much mess to mop up. If random flecks do drop onto your face, wrap a small piece of Sellotape around your finger and lift the specks from your skin.

Make-up first, then the dress
Applying glitter make-up is a messy job and will scatter all over your party dress. Prevention is always better than cure, so if you don’t want glitter all over your clothes, put on your make-up, then your clothes! And don’t forget your party hair. Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner gives you instant volume without the weight.

Get it right
Click here for tips on applying glitter to eyes that will flatter and stay put. [VIDEO LINK]

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