Wedding belle: seven tips to feeling confident on THEIR big day

Wedding belle: seven tips to feeling confident on THEIR big day

Of course no one wants to steal the bride and groom’s limelight on their big day, but here are our top tips for looking your best in your share of it.

Of course no one wants to steal the bride and groom’s limelight on their big day, but here are our top tips for looking your best in your share of it.

When you first hear the big news from your child that they’re getting married, all the memories come rushing back. You might find yourself feeling almost as nervous as you did before your own big day.

That’s no surprise: yours is an important role and you’ll want to look your eye-catching best so you and your child can make each other proud.

Try these tips for planning a confident, beautiful look on the day.

Practice makes perfect for make-up

Your make-up has to work hard on the wedding day. It might have to last for 12 hours or more and you don’t want to be wasting time touching it up when you could be making memories.

Practice your look beforehand so you know your routine inside-out and can be confident that you’re looking fabulous. Try a cream blush and satin-finish lipstick for a look that’s subtle, fresh and vital.

Follow the bride’s lead

Take your cues about style and colour and from your daughter or daughter-in-law to be. She’ll know what tone she wants to set. Traditionally, you’d look for a colour that complements the wedding party, so you may want to wait until the bride has chosen the bridesmaid’s dresses before you pick your outfit.

Don’t pay too much attention to “age-appropriate” rules and focus on your personal style. The only firm rule is to avoid anything in the same colour as the bride’s dress: after all, you’re aiming for best supporting actress, not to steal the show!

Plan ahead for make-up and clothes that work together

For an elegant, put-together look, try to match your make-up and your outfit. If you have a cool-toned complexion and you’re wearing pale pink, blue, lilac or grey, try eye make-up colours such as taupe, charcoal, silver or purple. For warmer skin tones in beige, green, navy or rust tones, try colours such as cream, brown or green. For cheeks and lips, choose berry colours if you’ve got a cool complexion or peach and coral shades for warm-toned skin.

Cover up for day-to-night style

Don’t forget the practicalities of dressing for a wedding: it’s a long day with quite a bit of time standing around outside waiting for the photos. Even on a pleasant June day there can be a bit of a breeze, so make sure that you have a pashmina, wrap or a jacket as part of your outfit so you’re not having to put on a brave face while you shiver. They’re great for keeping off evening chills too. Avoid very high heels that can sink into the grass and don’t forget an umbrella, just in case.

Perfect your photo-ready smile

You’ll be busy creating lots of perfect memories on the big day, and making a dazzling impression in the photos means being able to flash a brilliant white smile.

If you’re one of the 15 million of us Britons who wear dentures, make sure you apply Fixodent when you get ready. It’ll hold your pearly whites comfortably in place all day, so you’ll never need to think about them.

You can tuck into the wedding banquet safe in the knowledge that Fixodent keeps everything firmly in place. Plus it creates a seal to prevent food getting trapped between your dentures and gums so you don’t need to worry about getting food stuck in your teeth or bad breath.

This means you can eat what you like and laugh along with confidence at the speeches, knowing that when the photographer is snapping away, your smile is looking its best.

Don’t experiment too much

Now is not the time for a radical rethink of your hairstyle. It can be too much of a risk if anything goes wrong or you change your mind when you see your new look. Being confident starts with feeling comfortable, so when you visit your stylist, you want to stick with a look that makes you feel like yourself. If you’re determined the unveil a striking new hairdo, have a trial run a few months before to make sure you’re happy.

Give yourself plenty of time

Chances are that you’ll want to give plenty of help to your daughter or future daughter-in-law in getting ready – after all, you’re probably the only one who’s been at the centre of a wedding before. But make sure that you don’t neglect your own time to get ready. You want to avoid a last-minute dash into a hot shower and then trying to apply make-up, because if your skin is still hot and damp it’ll just slide off. And after all, you’ve earned this moment to look your best.

What are your tips for being mother of the bride or groom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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