DNA or Olay? We uncover the secret to great skin


Some are lucky enough to be born with good genes –others have Olay. Watch our video to find out more.


Some are lucky enough to be born with good genes – others have Olay. Watch our video to find out more.

When we see a woman with great skin, we usually assume it’s down to good genes. But scientists have discovered that external factors such as UV exposure and skin hydration are much more important than genetics when it comes to skin ageing.1

So the power is in your hands – and it comes in a small, red pot. Olay Regenerist 3-Point Day Cream contains ingredients scientifically proven to help fight signs of ageing. With its firming amino-peptides complex, plus the hydrating effects of carob seed extract and hyaluronic acid, the formula targets the eyes, jawline and neck to help your skin look and feel younger. So people will look at you and think, “Wow, she must have good genes!”

Watch the video above to find out what more than 500 women thought of Olay Regenerist 3-Point Day Cream, and let us know your thoughts on the tried and tested page, or in the comments section below.

1 AAD 2017, Poster #5530: Genetic and Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Youthful Facial Appearance. R Osborne, J Tiesman, F Neuser, M Tamura, W Safi, MH McIntyre, SS Shringarpure, IB Hallgrímsdóttir

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Invictus1 19/11/2017

Have always used Olay creams for years Love the Regenerist range It works and does everything it claims to do

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