Why it could be time to embrace grey hair


Sick of dying your locks to cover greys? Why not embrace them and show that grey can be fabulous too!


Sick of dying your locks to cover greys? Why not embrace them and show that grey can be fabulous too!

Traditionally, women have felt the need to cover up their greys – colouring them, plucking them, or even covering them up with mascara.

But Pantene are encouraging women to embrace their greys and show they’re nothing to be afraid of – after all, 80% of Brits have grey hairs, so why not make it the new normal?

And, with the right cut and care, you could end up loving your natural look even more than your previous colour. After all, who said only men could be silver foxes?

Here are some expert tips to help you transition to gorgeously grey…

Go gradually

If you dye your hair another colour and simply stop, you could end up with a harsh line between your grey hair and your dyed hair. Instead, try lightening your hair colour gradually first. Your colourist can weave highlights into your hair to blur the grey and give a multi-tonal effect. Each time they can apply less colour to let the greys start to dominate.

Another option is to use a gloss or semi-permanent colour, which is easier and quicker than the above. You can lighten each time and it gradually washes out, so rather than harsh regrowth, you will simply slowly transition to grey.

Be patient

Between trips to your hairdresser, if there are days or even weeks you still feel like the line between previously dyed hair and new growth looks stark, don’t give up! Simply style out this period with headbands and root cover-up powders or sprays.

Get a haircut

Grey hair tends to be coarser, so you may want to go shorter, which can look healthier and help maintain shape. It will also help you cut away some of your old colour.

Use a dedicated shampoo and conditioner

Gorgeous grey needs to be conditioned and cared for. Luckily, Pantene has launched Grey & Glowing as part of its new Hair Biology range. The shampoo, conditioner and mask contain a unique formula that blends Pro-V, jojoba oil and a bounty of antioxidants. The purple shampoo helps to neutralise yellow and brassy tones and soften rebellious strands, for smooth greys that glow.

Prevent the flat look

If your greys are looking a little dull, give them a lift with a trip to the hairdressers just once a year, where they can weave in a few different shades to cause that gorgeous multi-tonal effect.

Celebrate the new you

Now’s the perfect time to embrace your new look by trying new clothes and new ways of applying your make-up. Consider this your ticket to go shopping!

How do you feel about going grey? Let us know in the comments section below.


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