Brain training exercises: How to exercise your brain!

Brain training exercises: How to exercise your brain!

Improve your focus with our brain training

We all know this simple truth that what is not used or not trained, tend to fade. It refers to our muscles as well as to the brain, an amazing organ that gives us power to speak, imagine and solve the problems. Usually we do care for our body condition, but who does remember about the brain?
See how to exercise your brain with these simple methods. The brain controls our daily functions, including motor control, visual processing, auditory processing, sensation, learning, memory and emotions. By supporting your brain you can keep it young. No matter how old are you.
Every day the brain is processing a lot of information and it changes itself from moment to moment. As the brain is wonderfully lazy, it tries to work out automatic kind of connections. The more new things we do and the more we change our routine behavior, the better we encourage its neurons to create new connections. To make the long story short, in result our mind is bright for longer.

Feed your brain
The brain should be well nourished. It needs vitamins from B group, unsaturated fatty acids and good amount of minerals e.g. lecithin, iron, potassium, or magnesium. You can find them mainly in fish, chicken, leaf vegetables like lettuce, collards, spinach, broccoli, as well as seed fruit, groundnuts etc. Eating dark chocolate helps protect the brain, too. The diet should be completed with a good portion of physical activity. This will ensure you with proper oxidizing and blood circulation.

Sleep well
If you do not provide your brain with enough time to rest and sleep, it can slow down your reactions, or level down your concentration.

Train your memory
Out of many exercises the most popular are the ones that train our memory and concentration. It doesn’t require any advanced skills at all. Just instead of watching TV reach for a new book, play chess with your grandchildren or try to complete the puzzle together. It’s not only a great thing for your brain, but also for your family relationships.
A simple trick to enhance our memory is to create acronyms from the first letters of items we want to remember. Some of us make visual reminders and stick them in strategic places at home, car and places we used to visit. Let’s not forget about proper hydration that can boost the speed of neuronal firing. You should drink 2 litres of water every day.

Push the limits
Talent doesn’t know age, so do something that will awaken your imagination. Invite your grandchildren and paint your self-portraits. It will not only involve your brain, but also will leave unforgettable memories in their minds. Another day, try to make a unique colorful patchwork out of clothes you do not wear anymore. Once you do the washing and refresh them with a good detergent, they will start their new life. And your brain will get a good portion of fuel at the same time.
It’s never too late for learning new languages. It pushes the limits of our knowledge and helps to prevent and slow the effects of mental decline.
To make your concentration higher, try yoga, meditation and some of your favorite relaxation techniques. The results are even better if you do this regularly, putting all the worries aside, with no time pressure or stress. Whatever you’ll do, it will force your brain to stop being lazy and “change the pattern”.

Go digital
Lots of people enjoy games especially developed to train the brain. The number of Lumosity players reached 70 million in more than 180 countries.
This popular form of training is available for each smartphone, so you can challenge yourself anywhere and anytime.

What else?
Be social, dance, sing, write poems (Yes, You Can!), take power naps (short 10-20 minutes long are the best ones), change the way you usually walk to your friend’s house, change any routine you can change, quit smoking, go to bed at the first wave of evening fatigue.

Last but not least
As your brain needs training to keep fresh, your clothes need good detergents to keep their best condition, too. You can choose between forms of washing powder, washing liquid or washing capsules. If you take Daz washing capsules, you can be sure of brilliant cleaning on white and color garments with just one unit dose. So you can keep your mind busy with other things!

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