Does your smile give away your age?

Does your smile give away your age?

Who wouldn’t want to look younger? Well, it’s not all about skincare and fab hair. Here are some great tips for younger -looking teeth.

Taking good care of our skin, body and hair are important for hanging on to those youthful looks - but you have to look after your teeth, too, so you can return those compliments with a great big smile.

Just like switching your moisturiser to an anti-ageing one, or going to zumba class to keep your body looking great, you need to upgrade your oral healthcare to keep up too.

Here’s why, and what you can do to help.

Why your teeth might make you look older

Less saliva: we tend to produce less saliva as we age. Saliva production helps inhibit bacterial growth, so the lack of saliva can contribute to higher plaque levels and tooth decay.

Gum disease: it’s prevalent in those over 40 years of age, and if not treated in time, gum disease such as gingivitis can turn into periodontitis.

Wear and tear: even the most careful brusher can suffer from enamel erosion, caused by consuming overly acidic foods. And, if you brush too hard, you can cause damage, because thinner enamel can make teeth look darker and older, and teeth may feel extra sensitive too. which comes in a gorgeous rose gold, not only detects the position of your brush so you don’t miss any areas, but it can also tell if you’re brushing too hard, and will react to keep your teeth safe.

Healthy habits to start today

Chew sugarless gum: chewing gum has been shown to increase saliva flow to prevent bacterial growth, and some sugarless gum contains xylitol – an artificial sweetener that can help prevent cavities.

End meals with cheese or milk: the dairy helps to neutralise any acids left over from your meal. Plus, it contains calcium to help strengthen teeth – bonus!

Wait 30 minutes before brushing: especially if you’ve just eaten acidic foods, which softens the enamel. Waiting 30 minutes allows the enamel to toughen up again before you brush.

Use a specialist toothpaste: there are many multi-benefit toothpastes on the market that target specific areas of oral health. However, only Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste is created with Stannous Fluoride Complex to fight plaque and food acids so you’ll have a healthier mouth and stronger teeth (vs a regular toothpaste), which will make a real difference to your smile.

Have you suffered with damaged teeth or gums? Let us know the lessons you’ve learnt about taking care of your teeth in the comments section below.

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I always brush my teeth

Anne 18/01/2017

I think it's important to look after your teeth. I always brush them with my Electric toothbrush and I find my Electric toothbrush is better then a manual toothbrush


mickser 17/01/2017

I am using an old ORAL- B Vitality toothbrush for years and have gold rings necklaces coins photo frames etc etc and would like to bring my toothbrush up to the same Gold standard



Happy smiles never tell their age !! Keep smiling ....good dental care is a must and Oral B have the perfect products :' )

Oral B rose gold toothbrush

Lisa 07/01/2017

I am an avid user of oral b products and currently use an electric toothbrush which is blue. I would love to bring style into my daily dental routine!


Tinkerbell25 30/12/2016


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Pro Expert Professional Protection - Clean Mint

Pro Expert Professional Protection - Clean Mint