Easter treats with zero calories

Easter treats with zero calories

Not all treats are of the chocolate variety… here are four things guaranteed to make your Easter
weekend cracking

We all need a little treat now and again and what better excuse than Easter to spoil yourself and your other half?

Time out

How about ditching the chores for a day and doing not very much at all? We’re thinking a big stack of newspapers, some no-effort nibbles and maybe even a box set.

Just make sure you don’t even think about your to do list. This has to be a proper day off.

New beauty goodies

There’s nothing like a gorgeous new shampoo and conditioner to make your feel pampered. Herbal Essences have an I-want-them-all selection, all of which are inspired by nature and smell delicious.

Personal shopping

Did you know that lots of stores offer a free personal shopping service? Which means that you can sit back with a drink while someone else dashes around finding that top in your size or hunting down shoes that work perfectly with those trousers.

It’s a great way of getting a new take on what suits you too, and with the new season’s fashions in store, this time of year is a great time to go.

Try Try Debenhams or House Of Fraser

Back to school

There’s something about being a little bit older that seems to make learning more of a treat than a chore.

Perhaps you’ve always fancied trying your hand at butchery or bee-keeping or life-drawing, for example? There are courses available in just about everything you can think of and it’s easy to find details online.

And if a course sounds like too much commitment right now, how about taking a smaller step towards learning something new? Whether it’s science or history that floats your boat, there are lots of brilliant podcasts like the ones from the BBC and websites like Duolingo are great for learning a new language.


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