Healthy & Tasty: Why Raw food is good for us!

Healthy & Tasty: Why Raw food is good for us!

Learn more about how eating a raw food diet can be very beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing today only on Victoria.

Just nibbling on a carrot or a lettuce leaf with no dressing? This is the picture that many of us imagine when the topic of raw food is mentioned. In fact raw food boasts a veritable cornucopia of delicious treats and is also good for our health AND for our beauty. It’s worth a try!

What is raw food exactly?

Raw food encompasses a broad spectrum of foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, salad, sprouts, seeds, nuts and herbs. It is important that the food is not heated beyond 42 degrees. This is because up to this temperature all the important vitamins, nutrients and enzymes remain intact. As the food becomes hotter, these are gradually destroyed. The result: the body has to rely on its own enzymes, and the ability to do this decreases with age.

Do you have to eat everything raw and natural?

Not necessarily. A popular method for raw food is marinating and/or pickling. By placing the foodstuffs in oil, salt and acid (such as lemon juice), the raw food absorbs more flavour and becomes tenderer and therefore more digestible. By drying and/or smoking the fruit and vegetables they last for longer. It is also possible to make bread, crackers and vegetable crisps out of them using this method. There are also foodstuffs that reach their perfect consistency by being soaked, for example cereals or seeds.

What are the advantages of raw food?

Raw fruit and vegetables contain a particularly large amount of vitamins, secondary plant substances and other important nutrients that are lost when they are boiled, roasted and cooked in other ways. In addition, raw food is high in fibre, which is good for the digestion and a healthy gut.

Seeds are also an important part of raw food nutrition. In particular, linseed is positively bursting with valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which the body needs for cell metabolism and the production of hormones.

Advocates of raw food enthuse about smoother, more radiant skin, more energy, a lighter body sensation and better sleep.

Are there any disadvantages?

People new to raw food can experience tummy grumbles and intestinal problems at the beginning, as many foodstuffs are more difficult to digest in their raw state than when they are cooked, for example cabbage. Therefore it is recommended that you don’t go from 0 to 100 in one step, but that you start with one raw meal a day in order to get your body used to it. Marinating and puréeing also makes many foods more digestible.

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