Staying Fit at 50: Exercise Do’s & Don’ts

Staying Fit at 50: Exercise Do’s & Don’ts

Discover our exercise tips for staying healthy, fit and happy in your 50’s and beyond.

Sport is the number one elixir of youth for our bodies. Not only does it makes us look firmer and full of energy, but it also helps us deal with menopause better. So all you couch potatoes out there – get off the sofa and do some sport! You'll find some practical tips for staying fit here.

Health check for beginners

Before you start your sporting life, it's advisable to get a medical check-up. This will tell you whether you need to be careful at all in terms of your capacity and movement. If the doctor gives you the okay, then in principle (almost) every type of sport is open to you. However, remember to approach this in a rather more cautious fashion than you would have done when you were younger.

Endurance sports are best

Endurance training is your greatest ally when it comes to getting older and for general fitness. Walking, hiking and aqua aerobics are a good way to start. They won't put too much strain on your joints. The same applies to cycling, which also improves your circulation. Jogging requires a lot of puff, so please stay in your comfort zone and go at a comfortable speed.

Moderate muscle training

Powerful muscles support your joints. A professional gym offers a wide range of equipment and exercises, in particular for your back.

Always remain flexible

Physical movement can be maintained through sport, which is good for joints, ligaments and tendons. Yoga is ideal for this. Being in a group has the additional advantage that training with others is motivating. But don't forget: Practice some gentle stretches before your exercises to warm up your body.

No risk but a lot of fun

Mountain biking, surfing, downhill skiing? Oh no! Better to leave these extreme sports to the adrenaline junkies. You don't have to run a marathon either. At the end of the day your sport should be enjoyable as well as making you fit.

The right amount

In principle, every minute of movement counts. But the more you do, the more you gain – within reason. Two to four training sessions per week of 30 to 60 minutes each are recommended. And the best time to start? How about now!

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