The best foods to eat for strong, healthy teeth

The best foods to eat for strong, healthy teeth

Check out Victoria's advice on how to maintain good oral health with a healthy diet!

Regular visits to the dentist and the correct care of your teeth are absolutely vital for healthy teeth and gums. In addition, you can support your oral flora and strengthen your teeth by eating the correct food. Read on to find out which foods help with this.

More bite with carrots and whole grains

Raw vegetables and wholegrain bread have a noticeable massaging effect when chewing. They strengthen the gums and stimulate salivation. This in turn neutralises the acid that is ingested with the food and attacks our teeth.

Salmon and tea – the combination for strong teeth

Black and green tea as well as some types of fish contain above-average amounts of fluorine. This helps to strengthen the enamel and to prevent tooth decay. Worried about tea stains? These can be gently removed using a whitening toothpaste.

Sesame and milk for that extra dose of calcium

Whether yoghurt, quark or buttermilk, all milk products are extremely rich in calcium, as are sesame seeds. This mineral strengthens the enamel and builds up resistance to tooth decay. However, delicious vegetables such as broccoli, kale, fennel and leeks as well as mineral water also contain high quantities of calcium.

Fine cheese for your enamel

Cheese not only closes your stomach after eating, it also protects your teeth. Due to the fact that casein binds with the minerals calcium and phosphate, cheese fans rarely suffer from tooth decay. Cheese strengthens the enamel and neutralises bacterial acids.

An apple on the go to protect your teeth

Apples act like a natural toothbrush. Thanks to their fibre content they have a deep cleansing effect and therefore act as an interim toothbrush.

Bad breath banished with parsley and cardamom

Parsley, a typically German herb, and cardamom, a spice that gives German lebkuchen their distinctive flavour, release essential oils when they are eaten. They act as a disinfectant and protect against bad breath.

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