How to become your own personal chef

How to become your own personal chef

Become a personal chef at home: Our how to guide

As children get older and gradually leave home, many parents are left with the all too common “empty nest” syndrome. While it can be a hard time for some, the best way to deal with this transitional period is to enjoy this new found personal time and embrace some new hobbies and activities.

If you’re going through this phase of life and keen to take up a new challenge, it might be time to revamp your culinary skills and learn to enjoy your kitchen space afresh. In addition to the added bonus of creating delicious meals, refining your cooking skills can also turn meal prep from chore into valued persona time. In fact cooking can reduce stress and provide an achievable daily goal.

Here are some tips for those looking to put the joy and creativity back into cooking. We have a fantastic guide on how to become a personal chef at home:

Enjoyment and easeCreate the perfect kitchen work environment and re-embrace it as treat, not a chore. Start by reclaiming a space that might be cluttered or a little unkempt. A serene kitchen workspace creates a blank canvas and is all the more tempting to cook in.

Tidy away any paperwork, odd pens and notebooks that don’t belong in a kitchen space. Move any technology to another place to avoid damage and the distraction of social media. Of course a little music to cook to is always a great idea.

Create a pristine working space
If you’ve just come home after a busy working day and find a kitchen surface has been left with other peoples used cups and dishes, it hardly sets the right mood. Before starting any food preparations, be sure to create a pristine work space by cleaning off all countertops and placing all dishes in the dishwasher.

Fairy Platinum’s all-in-one dishwasher capsules are the perfect solution for tough, baked-on food. There’s no need for pre-rinsing and you can even leave dishes sitting in the machine for as long as you need to before starting your load. Simply pop the capsule in the machine, load your dishes and your space is ready for a culinary adventure!

Tools of the Trade
Before jumping in, ensure that you have the proper tools for your desired recipes. Knives are particularly important to cooking as they can make your prep work much easier. Before setting out to purchase knives, consider the type of knife you will need in your kitchen. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, kitchen knives can meet a huge variety of needs, and the extent of knives needed depends on your cooking style and habits. When buying knives, hold each knife in your hand. If you are going to be using this tool, the grip should be comfortable and sit well in your hand. Be aware that what one person finds comfortable does not necessarily mean it will be comfortable for you, so while advice is helpful, do a first hand test for yourself.

Avoid mess as you go
It’s easy to get carried away when enjoying a culinary session. The resulting surface debris can be disheartening. Empty bins that are a little too full before you begin your food preparation, that way you can dispose of peelings and the like easily and swiftly keeping the pristine surface clear and free for all but delicious ingredients and condiments.

Ready, steady, cook
Or possibly not! If you really want a labor free but supremely healthy personal chef experience, why not try some short and sweet, no-cook, raw food recipes? These fresh spring/summer meals keep your culinary ideas fresh, as well as your surfaces and utensils. Raw cookery is non-laborious and super speedy, leaving you more time to enjoy your clean, noise free kitchen.

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