Say Goodbye to Bloating with These Digestion Tips

Say Goodbye to Bloating with These Digestion Tips

Read more for practical tips on how to beat the bloat’, and be more comfortable with these herbal remedies by Victoria.

Mince pies, Christmas pudding and of course, the Christmas turkey: We've been looking forward to these treats all year long and now we really let ourselves go. However, our overloaded digestion can retaliate by making us feel full and bloated. But a natural helper is at hand to restore a happy balance in our stomach.

Advent and Christmas: A time of culinary temptation

We take care of ourselves throughout the year with enjoyable healthy eating and regular exercise. However, running riot from time to time is only human. And when better to give in to temptation than at Christmas, with all those candied fruits, chocolates and heavenly puddings?

However, the result of all this indulgence, namely a feeling of fullness and bloating, cannot be simply remedied by one or two days of fasting. So what's the answer?

Natural helpers: Psyllium seed husks

The answer is obvious: Eat more foods that are good for you, cut down on sugary foods in your diet (however temptingly that cream doughnut winks at you) and eat more high-fibre products. However, be sure to give laxatives a wide berth. Instead, try natural products such as psyllium seed husks. They are naturally high in fibre and bulk up in your intestine. This increases the volume of the contents of your gut, stimulates digestion and helps to ease constipation and that feeling of bloating.

Psyllium can be obtained without prescription in pharmacies, health-food shops and some specialist chemists. Preparation: Soak the husks in a cup of tea. Drink the mixture followed by two glasses of water, so that the contents of the husks can expand. After approximately three or four days you will definitely notice the results.

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